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Help for player ranking plots

These pages graph the player ranking over time. You can choose any time period from when the game went online. The start time will be truncated to when the level set was first played.

By default the current player logged in and any player selected are shown along with the top ten players at the 'end time' of the graph. Once you have selected a time the same players are used. There can be deleted from the list using the 'Del' button and added by typing a player name and pessing enter or 'Add'.

The 'Single' and 'Teamwork' links refresh the players to the top ten at the current end time (and can obviously change modes). The 'Reset' link resets the time to the default period but does not change the included players.

On occasion there will be spikes to zero indicating that noone has any points. These occur when either (a) the server is down for a period of time, (b) the ranking histories are being regenerated from this level set or (c) I stuffed up the regeneration process. If a spike persists post a message on the forums.

Note that these will be regenerated from time to time and change shape. Shape changes are typically due to games being credited when the game is actually played rather than when it is received by the server. Consequently you may expect current jumps by plays when they check tickets in, but after the ranking histories have been regenerated a more smooth increase in position. If you're really unluck you may lose you best position because you never really had it, the server just didn't know that at the time!

All plots are generated real time and may take some time to produce depending on the server load, other users, other systems, etc. About 300 points are used for each player taken evenly over this time.

If this help is confusing or erroneous mail wilamristar.com.au. Please use your browser navigation or the menu to continue.