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The BD4 Home Page


NEW COMBINED RANKING. By demand I've written the page, 4th-10th is pretty close. Also, new levels now available (have been since midday GMT, 1st December 2004). See discussion forums and download page.

Welcome to a very practical page. From here you can check out the current player records and hiscores as well as the latest updates for BD4.
  • Welcome: Welcome to BD4. Basic information for new players explaining the aim, usage features of the game.
  • Create player: Create a new player (single player or teamwork).
  • Download and play: Download BD4 for your computer.
  • Login: This will customise the way information is displayed and let you do more things.
  • Level sets: New levelsets with descriptions.
  • Layout: Change the menu and level set link layout.
  • Forums: Discussion forums for levels, player, news and more.
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions and general game documentation.
  • Java Version: Does not require downloading and works behind all firewalls (I think, as from 5 Dec 1998). Recently updated to work a lot better with almost all features! It is generally slower and missing a few features (record/playback and level editor support) from the downloadable versions.
  • Documentation Full game documentation. Some in the form of FAQs and big scary dynamic web pages.
  • Player Rankings: Player ranking, generated realtime based on the high scores.
  • High scores: The current global high scores for all versions (UNIX/Java/PC/BeOS).
  • Current players: A table containing all player names or aliases (and other player viewing options). If you play the game your name will appear here. Some of the pictures and links are interesting.
  • Level Editor: The level editor with new objects.
  • Offline tools: Tools for getting tickets and creating players to play behind a secure firewall.
  • Current server status: Pings the server to determine if it's available and online. It also reports server status when last modified. If you have difficulties connecting the the BD4 server at any time see this page. All major changes to the server and server down times are also listed.
  • Hints, challeneges and recorded games: Hints to levels, recorded games (better hints) and other things.
  • Game statistics: The number of games played and logged from around the world and a few other things.
  • PC Version: Written in two days thanks to a book Graham Zemunik gave me. Version
  • is out with a much improved interface.

  • UNIX/X Version: Versions are available for SunOS, IRIX, DEC/OSF1 and Linux. Note: You must download the data.tar.Z or all 3 files in the data directory. Supports 8/12/16/24 bit graphics modes.
  • Download and play version