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Since all pages are dynamic and link to one another all over the place it may be hard to find a particular page or function or even know it exists. This page lists 'all' available pages providing a brief description, its link and a status and link to that pages help.

Name and linkDescriptionStatusHelpModifiedUpdatedPage date
1000 Displays the number of levels that each player has achieved a "thousand pointer", customisation by player.AvailableIncludes extra options June 2004Nov 200420050413
editor Level editor, currently unavailable.Offline- 2001Nov 200420041201
faq Original 'FAQ' that contains a lot of information. It is used for the download page, help, aims, version information and news. It has been superceded by the forums.Unmaintainedhelp Apr 2001Nov 200420041201
forum Online forums for announcements, level completion, high scores and general discussion. You need to be logged in to post messages.Availableincomplete July 2004Nov 200420130904
game Designed to provide full information about each game played. If a player has uploaded the recorded game it may also be available.Developmentincomplete July 2004Nov 200420050324
help Provides help about the purpose and functionality of the current page.AvailableNA (incomplete) Apr 2001Nov 200420041201
his Level high scores, providing a top 100 scores for each available level. It includes a level thumbnail and navigation links.Availableincomplete July 2004Nov 200420050324
hisFame Hall of fame for high score, ranking and generally outstanding achievements. Manually updated. Entries appear on the high score menu and with player profiles.Availableincomplete Dec 2003Nov 200420031223
hisMenu High scores menu.Availableincomplete Jul 2004Nov 200420041201
hisSearch Search level high scores.Availableincomplete Jun 2004Nov 200420041201
hisSummary Summary of level high scores, particularly useful for offline play.Availableincomplete Dec 2003Nov 200420041201
hisTop Top high scores, useful for high ranked players to improve their ranking.Availableincomplete Jun 2004Nov 200420050322
home Home page. Links and layout subject to change.Availableincomplete Jul 2004Nov 200420041220
homepage Player home page (you need to be logged in).Availableincomplete Jul 2004Nov 200420080403
ingameHelp In game help page from the PC version.AvailableNA Dec 2003Nov 200420041201
java Entry point to the Java version (currently unavailable).Offline/Devnone 2001Nov 200420041201
javaApplet Java version - unavailable.Offline/Devnone 2001Nov 200420041201
layout Allows the layout of the web pages to be configured.Availablehelp Dec 2003Nov 200420080415
level (In development) Will contain thorough level information.Developmentincomplete Nov 2004Nov 200420041201
levelSets Provides an overview of the eight core level sets.Availablehelp Nov 2004Nov 200420090901
listPlayers List players with game statistics.Availableincomplete Dec 2003Nov 200420041201
login Handles both login and logout.Availableincomplete Dec 2003Nov 200420050322
nav Old navigation (usable as a layout option).DeprecatedNA Apr 2001Nov 200420041201
offline Tools for playing offline, allowing the uploading, downloading, status retreival and cancellation of tickets.Availableincomplete Jul 2004Nov 200420050823
player Player page containing player details, score profiles and the likes.Availablehelp Jan 2004Nov 200420090914
playerEdit Allows players to edit their details (country of representation, comment, home page, email address). Availableincomplete Dec 2003Nov 200420041201
playerMenu Menu to player pages.Availablenone Dec 2003Nov 200420041201
playerNew Creates a new player.Availableincomplete Dec 2003Nov 200420041201
profile Score profile for a specified player across a level set.Availablehelp Jul 2004Nov 200420041201
rank Player rankings for a level set.Availablevery detailed Jul 2004Nov 200420130904
rankPlot Customisation graphs of player rankings over time.Availablehelp Jul 2004Nov 200420090914
ranks Shows player rankings across multiple level sets without colouring (movement indications).Maintained by popular demand. Also has the ability to show player rankings combined across level sets. help Dec 2004Dec 200420070624
rec Provides access to recorded games.Developmentexists Oct 2003Nov 200420041201
recUpload Record game management and upload facility.Availableprovides instructions Jul 2004Nov 200420050324
script Creates scripts for playing games. You need to be logged in. Availablehelp Jul 2004Nov 200420080403
server Server status. Ideally tells you the server is alive (and when it was last started).Availablehelp Map 2001Nov 200420041201
sitemap Provides linkes to all functions/pages. This page!Availableprovides column descriptions Nov 2004Nov 200420041216
stats Indicates the number of games played and nothing more.Unmaintainedhelp Apr 2001Nov 200420041201