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The following email message sums it up. Basically noone's reported this error in the 8 months the offline version's been out!!

Oh, I've lost the reply I sent, but I did check this error and it exists in the BeOS version too (and I assume the X version since the code is the same).

From weber@ticona.de Thu Feb  4 15:57:21 1999
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 10:48:26 +0100
From: "Weber, Oliver, Ticona/DE" 
To: "'Wil (Paul Williams)'" 
Subject: Bug in BD4 (?)

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Hi Wil,

I think I discovered a bug in BD4, perhaps you like to check this...

Yesterday evening I had the following scenario:

- I played a while at level 47 ( a long while !) in offline mode
- finally, I managed it
- the dialog "BD4 showing player statistics" comes up and tells me that I
solved the level (hurray)
- I enter "Quit to menu"
- I enter "Quit game"
- I say I really want to quit (my girlfriend wanted to talk to me, you can
understand it after three hours :=)
OK, lets play another game
- start BD4 in offline mode again
- load my player from the ticket
- I have to play it from the same level I just solved ....

To me it seems that BD4 doesn't save my score and last solved level to the
ticket if just leave the program.
If I solve one level and only enter the following level once, everything is
fine !

This behavior can be reproduced, I created a testuser "Lichtest" and have
done the same thing with level zero !

> Mit freundlichen Grüßen
> Oliver Weber