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BD4 FAQ / news / recent

Recent news put simply. Also see active development tasks.

  • August 9th 2001: Full new versions for Unix and PC. You can now double click on ".bd4" recorded games under Windows and have them seemlessly play back without any worries. And you can load them from the web page (mime-type "application/bd4-rec", application ".../bd4 -p").
  • August 8th 2001: After much micselleneous development I finally have the Java version playing back and recording games. It's "100%" consistent - well it works over a suite of around 6000 recorded games. Expect a new Java version soon as well as recorded games which you can play back in the browser. And more. It's happening!
  • July 5th 2001: New client version for Linux and Windows. [zip file]
  • (end of) June 2001: Ticket server moved to new home.
  • Friday 15th June 2001: Actually compiled the Windows version under Linux (using mingw) meaning I'll be able to release a new Windows version really soon (will all changes made in the last few Linux releases). If weekends could just become a little less social I may be able to get more development done. Oh well, still plenty of winter left.
  • Sunday 11th May 2001: Java BD4 available with autologin.
  • Monday 7th May 2001: New client out for Linux with fractional time. Top ranked plays should be happy (if they're running Linux). PC interim version out soon.
  • Sunday 6th May 2001: Server and web pages moved to new home at Amristar.
  • Wednesday 20th June 2001: [pending] Getting close to moving ticket server and releasing new Linux and Windows versions. Faster and stuff. [NOW DONE] Client development (eg sound for non-BeOS versions) will follow.