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 Representing Sweden Type: Single Player Email: jaaslmath.liu.se

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Level SetRankPlayedWonLevelPlayer ScoreTotal ScoreLast Played
Homelands8 (12026.6700) [profile] 33854623804439099552169818/07/2003 at 11:43

Hall of fame

Level setDatePlayerPositionLevelScore                     Comment                     
Homelands20 May 2001Janne344869The number one Swede marches on.
Homelands09 February 2001Janne980996(44)Congratulations Janne. Janne becomes the 9th person to complete level 80 singles.
Homelands11 January 2001Janne344842Great chaos effort.
Homelands08 November 2000Janne161708(61)That\'s damn fast. Like really fast. I guess faster is possible. Any takers?
Homelands30 October 2000Janne112832That\'s getting close to optimal! Any better and you\'d really be relying on the luck of the drip.
Homelands10 July 2000Janne2651583Huge score. Beats Wil on the ultimate level. Well done (you bastard <grin>)
Homelands07 November 1999Janne1132320(20)Still no idea, but if I had the method I recogn I could beat it elsewhere.
Homelands20 October 1999Janne124440(45)Wow. It's almost a deterministic level, but, Wow.
Homelands25 September 1999Janne511226(12)Janne enters the level 1 challenge,
Homelands24 September 1999Janne145719(32)Janne takes back level 45.

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