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 Representing Germany Type: Single Player Email: EspressoItalianogmx.net
  Comment: Small and Strong...

Score Profile

Level SetRankPlayedWonLevelPlayer ScoreTotal ScoreLast Played
Homelands39 (3383.0000) [profile] 31696842804898359530350228/04/2006 at 12:54
Tropical33 (3794.5000) [profile] 15242118026569532476928/04/2006 at 12:54
Reef115 (625.5000) [profile] 962718170192284328/04/2006 at 12:54
Forest84 (445.5000) [profile] 3461710512236263704/09/2005 at 17:46
Mountains109 (201.5000) [profile] 15399191372372519/09/2005 at 09:31
JungleNone 90054654604/09/2005 at 17:46
Fruity37 (3856.5000) [profile] 33561136237660141633003/06/2004 at 16:54
Farmlands142 (358.0000) [profile] 1844629414255244527/04/2004 at 09:40

Hall of fame

Level setDatePlayerPositionLevelScore                     Comment                     
Forest30 April 2004espresso35897(83)A great score... as a third player makes the 1000 pointer look possible.
Fruity14 April 2004espresso551342In the thick of it.
Fruity07 April 2004espresso421149espresso's 4th 1000 pointers. Good stuff.
Fruity10 March 2004espresso511745A couple of big ones from the European.
Fruity08 March 2004espresso451326(5)Lots of score for a really fruity level.
Tropical24 February 2004espresso438, 58769(2), 595(1)A couple of roamers.
Fruity22 January 2004espresso1461002The premier grand - a huge haul.
Fruity21 January 2004espresso249438(65)espresso kicks on with a number two score.
Fruity08 January 2004espresso119857A big clean up by espresso.
Homelands18 April 2002espresso1761618(2)Welcome espresso to the top 30 with a fine score.

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