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 Representing Australia Type: Single Player Email: dunstanciips.ee.uwa.edu.au

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Level SetRankPlayedWonLevelPlayer ScoreTotal ScoreLast Played
Homelands38 (3618.5000) [profile] 17033224801224928138551703/07/2002 at 16:20
Farmlands35 (3401.5000) [profile] 93461609492312600905/12/2000 at 10:54

Hall of fame

Level setDatePlayerPositionLevelScore                     Comment                     
Homelands24 August 1999Phil156871(29)Now that is pretty good!
Homelands16 July 1999Phil291146(1)Close!
Homelands06 July 1999Phil214922(32)Phil just won't give up on this one. Expect big things soon :-)
Homelands29 June 1999Phil152594(25)Well done. My comment earlier in the day (when he equaled the score) was I've seen Phil get 25 time, but lose his keystrokes a few 'ticks' from the end. Come on Phil - your method's kick arse. Having said that, I can't get 25 time.
Homelands28 June 1999Phil114913(31)I was impressed and it helped takes points away from others.
Homelands30 May 1999Phil2471228(18)Not as fast as DREAM.
Homelands09 February 1999Phil133673(34)Phil gets his second number one score, denting Steffest and asarkila (and me) just that little bit more. Well done Phil. some damn fine scores on the chaotic levels (e.g. 12)