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 Representing Belgium Type: Single Player Email: bd4steffest.com
Home Page: www.steffest.com Comment: 439 is possible :-) going for 440 ...

Score Profile

Level SetRankPlayedWonLevelPlayer ScoreTotal ScoreLast Played
Homelands10 (11077.5000) [profile] 7428578801031342125505218/09/2001 at 07:20
ForestNone 140049567522/06/2005 at 17:00
Jungle79 (135.0000) [profile] 1004390141543912/01/2003 at 14:36

Hall of fame

Level setDatePlayerPositionLevelScore                     Comment                     
Homelands08 March 1999Steffest9651013(30)Steffest completes the ULTIMATE challenge.
Homelands08 March 1999Steffest2-41193Steffest moves above asarkila, into the number 2 ranked player in the world. The question is will he go all the way?
Homelands08 March 1999Steffest116, 36837, 1013Another two number 1 scores!
Homelands04 March 1999Steffest156, 63865(29), 987(25)The art of equaling high scores!
Homelands04 March 1999Steffest1771051(29)Well that didn't last long. (level 77)
Homelands03 March 1999Steffest175991(24)Just in case ari thought he was on a free ride to number 3, think again!
Homelands03 March 1999Steffest174855(40)And one of my scores to go with it.
Homelands03 March 1999Steffest130910(20)Taken back of ari.
Homelands02 March 1999Steffest1771049(28)Steffest's back. And unfortunately he takes "cookaes' last numebr 1 (and the last number one held by one of the gang from 1997 :-[ ).