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Player profile for asarkila

 Representing Finland Type: Single Player Email: ari.sarkilahtigmail.com

Score Profile

Level SetRankPlayedWonLevelPlayer ScoreTotal ScoreLast Played
Homelands2 (56819.2700) [profile] 4945138478080955441002488922/07/2007 at 09:23
Tropical2 (58553.6400) [profile] 102381520802180112308896115/08/2008 at 03:39
Reef1 (61389.0000) [profile] 337148580841750106570509/07/2008 at 10:11
Forest1 (67400.0000) [profile] 444236780756667101710009/07/2008 at 10:11
Mountains1 (67875.0000) [profile] 416249880660393100864109/07/2008 at 10:11
Jungle2 (28400.0000) [profile] 3395884345786255264509/07/2008 at 10:11
Fruity3 (45105.0000) [profile] 29082148056240766057015/08/2008 at 03:39
Farmlands3 (55970.4400) [profile] 54581123801071615160905716/05/2008 at 03:25
Level set 52 (65026.1900) [profile] 24016458032131154589215/03/2008 at 09:35
Level set 61 (70100.0000) [profile] 18402928033271143022227/04/2008 at 13:44

Hall of fame

Level setDatePlayerPositionLevelScore                     Comment                     
Mountains01 April 2008asarkila1621000(31)First in for the 450th 1000 pointer! No joke.
Mountains21 March 2008asarkila2451015(35)Putting in a nice gap.
Mountains20 March 2008asarkila1531021(57)Asarkila hold firm at number 1.
Mountains17 March 2008asarkila154933(30)Asarkila moves again.
Mountains16 March 2008asarkila1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 21, 2, 12, 22, 24, 411032(18), 1009(40), 1021(51), 1061(60), 1010(25), 1029(44)Asarkila fights back.
Farmlands09 March 2008asarkila133734(25)Let's Wil hold the score for an hour and takes it back.
Farmlands27 January 2008asarkila175, 77920(11), 287(2)asarkila sneaks a couple.
Fruity13 January 2008asarkila1781673asarkila takes a big number 1.
Fruity28 December 2007asarkila2541001(19)Asarkila knocks.
Tropical26 December 2007asarkila1181013(29)A number one taken back.
Farmlands17 December 2007asarkila141, 67885, 939(33)Some defense.
Jungle08 December 2007asarkila1221033(66)A clear number one, but what is asarkila doing in the Jungle. This looks serious!
Mountains08 December 2007asarkila1551111(35)And back comes another.
Mountains07 December 2007asarkila1521021(24)... and another.
Mountains06 December 2007asarkila1561016(39)... and another for good measure.
Mountains05 December 2007asarkila1571124(48)The one for the road is taken back...
Mountains03 December 2007asarkila112, 39, 421019(51), 1067(26), 1072(76)asarkila pulls the trigger. Swat, take that!
Tropical02 December 2007asarkila1221080(25)Just another top score for the number one ranked player.
Reef18 November 2007asarkila1291011(7)Another fresh number one.
Homelands22 July 2007asarkila191180(4)And two years on level 9 falls. What next?
Homelands20 July 2007asarkila1, 469, 23974(36), 1025Another clear number 1.
Homelands18 July 2007asarkila1, 2, 432, 29, 53598(24), 2367, 632(19)The relentless targetted romp continues.
Homelands16 July 2007asarkila1, 1, 414, 18, 12933(33), 793(12), 773(2)The Finnish blitz begins. Pity Wil is on holidays for 10 weeks.
Fruity09 July 2007asarkila4, 3, 2, 3, 2, 4, 5, 1, 36, 9, 10, 13, 26, 43, 44, 48, 54656, 1011, 912(28), 1039, 931(17), 1064(1), 925, 1554(12), 974(11)The Fin goes mental...
Homelands08 July 2007asarkila238727(38)asarkila takes back the crown.
Fruity08 July 2007asarkila1, 463, 151417, 1401Asarkila takes out a clear number one. Who said he's no good with chaotic levels?
Homelands26 June 2007asarkila242994(31)asarkila retakes number one with an "unbeatable" score.
Jungle22 August 2006asarkila161301Hey! This fellow's serious!
Jungle19 August 2006asarkila1241214(48)Hello! What's going on here. Another number one to the King.
Jungle08 August 2006asarkila1161001(3)A new 1000 pointer and clear number one!!! Well done. And now ranked number 3, surpassing HARDIE.
Mountains16 June 2006asarkila1191370(5)That's right out there!
Mountains22 March 2006asarkila1, 2, 1, 136, 9, 47, 711011(31), 898(37), 1163(33), 714(31)Congratulations - asarkila finally gets to number one in the combined rankings.
Reef07 March 2006asarkila1791203Nice one!
Tropical31 January 2006asarkila12, 221003(14), 1072(24)A couple of easiler ones.
Tropical30 January 2006asarkila168, 331085(12), 1056(8)One score back! Make that two with what one can only guess (or read about) is a stunning method.
Tropical23 January 2006asarkila1641015(40)Geez - that's fast!
Tropical22 January 2006asarkila124, 691012(30), 1022(48)Still the one.
Tropical21 January 2006asarkila117, 191013(17), 1004(18)A huge day from the Finn - number one.
Tropical18 January 2006asarkila127969(13)New
Tropical17 January 2006asarkila1751023(26)New
Tropical12 January 2006asarkila2, 15, 281012(36), 1004(22)Taking back the number one ranking.
Tropical05 January 2006asarkila1661016(1)Prempting some changes in rank!
Tropical18 December 2005asarkila1, 349, 511017(18), 975(10)asarkila holds ground.
Tropical06 December 2005asarkila1, 26, 9999(15), 1002(22)Clawing back some yards.
Reef05 December 2005asarkila1511064(22)On the improve.
Reef14 November 2005asarkila161014(24)Slowly does it.
Tropical30 October 2005asarkila1401006(16)Wow, a new 1000 pointer. That is impressive. Well done.
Tropical18 October 2005asarkila2, 1, 130, 35, 361003(1), 1003(10), 1011(27)Clinical! And now number one in Tropical.
Forest15 October 2005asarkila1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 32, 10, 12, 23, 29, 411001(27), 1016(25), 1015(24), 1077(31), 1005(42), 749(52)Moving to number one ranking in Forest. If it's that easy why not enter the Jungle?
Mountains10 October 2005asarkila133, 38, 40, 41, 521020(42), 1002(43), 1059(34), 1029(44), 1013(25)King of the mountain.
Mountains07 October 2005asarkila2, 1, 10, 2, 61005(18), 1007(40), 1012(47)Moving up.
Mountains30 September 2005asarkila1791089(27)A new one thousand pointer on the way to the final level.
Homelands18 August 2005asarkila149, 52817(45), 594(25)Some more good runs.
Homelands15 August 2005asarkila1, 2, 133, 49, 74676(35), 817(45), 855(42)Moving clear at the top, taking the big points of Steffest, seb and ari.
Homelands13 August 2005asarkila1, 2, 2, 135, 38, 40, 42765(29), 727(38), 544(30), 993(30)asarkila takes back number one ranking. No mercy here.
Homelands12 August 2005asarkila115665(41)Well, that didn't last long. Asarkila takes it straight back.
Homelands06 August 2005asarkila176910(39)Another clear number one.
Tropical05 August 2005asarkila153, 48986(16), 1015(16)Taking some big points off Wil.
Homelands03 August 2005asarkila1281000(32)God damn it - too much of a hint! Well done asarkila. I guess seb will follow.
Farmlands01 August 2005asarkila17, 12938(17), 856(13)Nice score for the bugs.
Tropical29 July 2005asarkila1741009(32)Closing the gap.
Homelands27 July 2005asarkila1221006(22)Sneaking another number one.
Farmlands27 July 2005asarkila1501085(24)Now that's just nasty.
Farmlands26 July 2005asarkila152866(22)The foot be put down.
Farmlands25 July 2005asarkila175, 70, 64, 47912(11), 937(27), 817(20), 954(12)Lance returns.
Tropical19 July 2005asarkila1701037(22)One back...
Tropical18 July 2005asarkila1421019(53)Fighting back.
Tropical15 July 2005asarkila111, 341037(28), 1008(1)asarkila takes it back!
Homelands10 June 2005asarkila130924(21)Clearly the fastest.
Homelands09 June 2005asarkila19, 681179(4), 783(35)More brilliant scores.
Homelands08 June 2005asarkila177, 481057(32), 781(31)Asarkila takes one back and astounds us elsewhere.
Homelands01 June 2005asarkila171816(40)More clear number ones fall.
Homelands31 May 2005asarkila1621005(40)In the dark.
Homelands23 May 2005asarkila2801213Number two.
Homelands21 May 2005asarkila117895(16)Very impressive.
Homelands19 May 2005asarkila115, 45665(41), 754(35)More clean number ones.
Homelands18 May 2005asarkila147, 61344(21), 762(20)Two more number ones as asarkila sets new levels for Homelands.
Homelands17 May 2005asarkila17852(32)Very very fast he does it.
Homelands16 May 2005asarkila1, 251, 10734(34), 711(23)You crazy bastard! I think you deserve to be at number one. I mean, well done.
Homelands15 May 2005asarkila2, 2, 1, 233, 34, 36, 38675(34), 689(37), 1022(27), 727(38)Pushing the envelope and now clearly ranked number one.
Homelands14 May 2005asarkila126, 281117(19), 992(31)Still claiming clear number one scores!
Homelands11 May 2005asarkila1771056(31)asarkila beats it again, but seb's ticket has the real number one on it!
Homelands09 May 2005asarkila169, 66972(36), 741(56)Two more as asarkila flexes his muscles.
Homelands08 May 2005asarkila1771056(31)Ensures Wil's high score is short lived.
Tropical07 May 2005asarkila129976(50)Adding a little more distance between first and second.
Homelands05 May 2005asarkila1, 1, 3, 476, 68, 61, 67903(38), 781(35), 708(53), 591(48)Asarkila takes the number one spot, pending seb's ticket.
Homelands03 May 2005asarkila232588(24)Possibly a good target of Wil's score. Asarkila now ranked 2nd behind seb.
Homelands02 May 2005asarkila1, 2, 3, 1, 11, 7, 6, 14, 191295(19), 852(32), 762(20), 932(33), 920(41)Pushing back into 3rd place, just above DREAM. Arhhh! Level 1. Great level. Now owned by asarkila. Later in the day - almost to 2nd ranked player!
Reef26 April 2005asarkila1561217(22)Puushing on with yet another 1000 pointer.
Reef24 April 2005asarkila1771039(32)A clear number one and 1000 pointer.
Mountains23 April 2005asarkila149, 721030(63), 978(49)Copy cat. And a very good clear number one in search of a very tough (or thoughtful) 1000 pointer.
Forest21 April 2005asarkila18923Pushing the envelope.
Reef20 April 2005asarkila2161004(8)Four seconds from number one. Damn hey.
Tropical18 April 2005asarkila1561032(51)Taking some points off seb - that's gotta be a good thing!
Tropical14 April 2005asarkila2, 1, 265, 49, 48627(42), 1016(18), 1013(16).. there's some pride at stakes. This was no 1000 pointer challenge, just a clear target at seb's number one and two scores.
Mountains13 April 2005asarkila2, 118, 91015(32), 885A good 1000 pointer and a number one on a potential 1000 pointer.
Tropical13 April 2005asarkila2, 178, 551004(19), 1024(24)Sneaks back to number one ranking.
Mountains12 April 2005asarkila135, 43, 451009(39), 1138(85), 869(40)Asarkila brings it home with clear numbers ones including the 400th premier 1000 pointer.
Mountains11 April 2005asarkila13, 16, 34998(25), 1005(37), 1001(62)Just three clear number ones and two 1000 pointers!
Forest10 April 2005asarkila161001(19)The 397th 1000 pointer, three more for the overall challenge.
Forest08 April 2005asarkila1281007(30)A premier 1000 pointer. Well found.
Forest07 April 2005asarkila1201006(37)An original one. Good stuff.
Mountains06 April 2005asarkila111018(21)Billiant score! And fast.
Forest06 April 2005asarkila1101003(25)Grand theft!
Reef05 April 2005asarkila1681047(5)That's a good one to get under the belt.
Tropical02 April 2005asarkila1, 27, 101631(1), 1128(5)... some points back.
Tropical01 April 2005asarkila1701030(21)Taking...
Farmlands01 April 2005asarkila151, 36, 43, 16869(11), 588(21), 967(25), 948(13)That's a complete canning (level 51). Any more in the tank? Obviously yes!
Farmlands26 March 2005asarkila115, 181025(12), 786(9)And some more.
Farmlands25 March 2005asarkila135, 49, 401094(39), 1113(25), 702(13)Three clear number ones as asarkila flexes those mussels.
Farmlands24 March 2005asarkila162, 60927(17), 866(11)There's more to come...
Reef16 March 2005asarkila2, 161, 141000(2), 1014Two more 1000 pointers as asarkila goes beyond 250 of them.
Mountains15 March 2005asarkila1581036Taking the number one away from Thozz.
Tropical15 March 2005asarkila1721038(44)The fastest yet.
Reef09 March 2005asarkila135, 581009(64), 1106(5)Two big 1000 pointers and clear number ones.
Reef04 March 2005asarkila2271007(27)Not quite enough to gain significantly in the rankings.
Reef10 February 2005asarkila112, 421011(14), 1049Holding steady.
Mountains09 February 2005asarkila10, 261004(18), 1032(27)Some amazingly fast times! Sliding into two more 1000 pointers.
Reef07 February 2005asarkila151003(31)Wow! That is a monster score. It must have been a good method.
Mountains06 February 2005asarkila2671024(79)Here we go!
Mountains05 February 2005asarkila1331004(41)Pushing further ahead.
Mountains04 February 2005asarkila139, 31, 301044(25), 976(66), 1099(18)Taking clear number one ranking in both Mountains and the combined rankings.
Mountains03 February 2005asarkila156, 5, 181008(39), 1003(24), 973(40)Romps towards clear number one in the combined rankings.
Mountains02 February 2005asarkila1, 2, 119, 53, 441012, 1018(57), 1007The start of the charge.
Farmlands01 February 2005asarkila1, 248, 57974(19), 1138(36)Hey, a saw that! Hmmm, number one retaken.
Mountains30 January 2005asarkila135, 36, 37, 40, 41, 42979(38), 1004(31), 1035(10), 1015(31), 1022(44), 1062(75)Moving within 300 points in the overall rankings.
Reef30 January 2005asarkila133, 61837(31), 932(5)Setting more number ones.
Mountains29 January 2005asarkila112, 11, 10, 28, 34, 9, 17, 24, 26, 29, 331017(51), 1003(58), 986(56), 1022(49), 991(61), 682(69), 1006(37), 1001(25), 1005(27), 1061(31), 934(38)A HUGE day for asarkila!
Mountains28 January 2005asarkila154, 48, 6, 8, 13, 15, 27919(29), 1024(15), 1000(39), 999(28), 691, 670(1), 1045(28)7 number ones and a couple of 1000 pointers.... with purpose.
Reef26 January 2005asarkila143, 411005(47), 944Two goodens.
Mountains24 January 2005asarkila152, 55, 571000(17), 1044(32), 1016(41)Some big number ones.
Reef21 January 2005asarkila1221110(16)A big 1000 pointers.
Tropical15 January 2005asarkila1751022(26)Pipping ari by ONE tick!
Fruity13 January 2005asarkila1, 6, 150, 48, 161221(1), 1116, 1145(31)Clear number ones and one thousand pointers.... should we expect anything less!
Tropical12 January 2005asarkila1601001(12)Well, that didn't last long. Seems seb's score was targetted.
Forest11 January 2005asarkila1, 2, 272, 56, 771076(27), 849, 900A HUGE 1000 pointer on the salvage along with a couple of pedestrian asarkila scores.
Reef06 January 2005asarkila16, 631004(28), 1160(29)Moving to 197 one thousand pointers, and 299 for all single players.
Reef05 January 2005asarkila145, 501028(86), 1116(5)More 1000 pointers fall.
Reef04 January 2005asarkila140, 44, 391161, 988(31), 927Holding firm at number one, increasing level 44 to a 1000 pointer the following day.
Reef31 December 2004asarkila164, 55, 53, 511069(54), 786, 1018(11), 906(40)Ending the year on a high.
Fruity30 December 2004asarkila1761543A big one.
Reef22 December 2004asarkila154, 47, 49, 9, 18, 271014(41), 1155(28), 1046(20), 866(17), 956(17), 873(20)That's some seriously viscous targetting of ari's number one scores!
Reef21 December 2004asarkila1521007(8)Swimming right past.
Reef18 December 2004asarkila1, 221, 671028(71), 1055(46)Two more.
Reef16 December 2004asarkila11, 10989(39), 1034(61)One more 1000 pointer.
Reef13 December 2004asarkila1781088(20)A good 1000 pointer.
Reef11 December 2004asarkila125, 371007(53), 1000(61)Back for the 1000 pointers!
Mountains06 December 2004asarkila15, 20, 34, 42, 471001(24), 1013(6), 940(57), 1031(72), 1047(27)A few thousand pointers and the early puzzles pass.
Reef03 December 2004asarkila379985(4)Quickly out of the blocks.... asarkila reaches the final level.
Homelands25 July 2004asarkila118788(12)A clear new number one...
Farmlands20 July 2004asarkila111876(16)A tad faster than the guy living to the West.
Farmlands07 July 2004asarkila17, 20933(17), 965(19)Back from the snooker table asarkila takes a couple back!
Forest04 June 2004asarkila1521004(66)Achieving one of the few remaining 1000 pointers.
Farmlands15 May 2004asarkila144, 65, 66, 80945(14), 1053(44), 1249(3), 1021(31)Cleaning up some new 1000 pointers.
Tropical10 May 2004asarkila1, 2, 4, 1, 15, 13, 50, 62, 791006(36), 1007(8), 1000(24), 1121, 1015(44)DREAM and asarkila start a heavy 1000 pointer run.
Fruity10 May 2004asarkila1661468A crushing blow.
Forest08 May 2004asarkila1, 1, 1, 244, 50, 43, 381045(65), 1003(11), 1087(26), 1228Asarkila takes 4 new 1000 pointers, including two premiers.
Farmlands25 April 2004asarkila10995(16)And asarkila takes out Wil. Doh!
Farmlands20 April 2004asarkila113, 15, 19, 311047(16), 1020(12), 644(7), 1094(9)Ouhhh, a refocus. Now, level 13, that's just cruel. Who's the bully now?
Tropical16 April 2004asarkila1801000(2)And the fish are eaten.
Farmlands16 April 2004asarkila120958(18)Blowing the field away.
Fruity15 April 2004asarkila1401112A surprisingly big score.
Fruity13 April 2004asarkila23, 51194, 1591A day in the park.
Fruity12 April 2004asarkila1371004(10)Fansastic! A tough level falls. Time for us to scratch our heads.
Fruity07 April 2004asarkila2761477A big one.
Fruity05 April 2004asarkila1511291(2)Top rock.
Fruity30 March 2004asarkila1721211(5)Another level liberated. Number one.
Fruity28 March 2004asarkila2, 174, 701218, 819(13)'Below the belt' could be another surprise.
Tropical28 March 2004asarkila128994(22)Number one, but 6 points short. Let's hope (for our sake) he doesn't get them.
Fruity25 March 2004asarkila140991Wow! 1000 would be very very tough here, but may it is possible after all!
Fruity23 March 2004asarkila1641000(31)Impressively takes the number one spot.
Forest18 March 2004asarkila1, 2, 115, 29, 321000(34), 1004(41), 1222(33)asarkila quickly passes the hundred 1000 pointers. But is 200 possible?
Tropical17 March 2004asarkila1, 1, 239, 43, 561000(17), 1008(26), 1020(50)asarkila starts cleaning up 1000 pointers.
Tropical15 March 2004asarkila172, 731029(43), 1047(1)Two today, three tomorrow.
Forest14 March 2004asarkila111, 231004(15), 772A fantastic effort to rob 1000 points on level 11.
Forest11 March 2004asarkila118, 9778, 510(43)Two new number ones. Well done.
Tropical10 March 2004asarkila155, 69, 641009(23), 1001(46), 1006(38)Hmm, so that's how it is.
Tropical08 March 2004asarkila268, 661018(13), 1006(5)New
Fruity06 March 2004asarkila3761056A big 1000.
Jungle05 March 2004asarkila1141098Fantastic. WELL DONE. I failed to get 1000 on this level but had plans. A challenge completed.
Tropical03 March 2004asarkila175, 24, 261021(26), 1011(30), 1002(24)And some more....
Forest03 March 2004asarkila13, 6, 8, 66, 64, 58, 15, 46, 431000(2), 957(18), 607, 1002(43), 1180, 993(21), 987(33), 999(9), 1068(25)Hmmm.... I spy a bully. Game on!
Tropical01 March 2004asarkila152, 481017(52), 1011(16)Some more 1000 pointers.
Fruity26 February 2004asarkila278789(59)A big second on a tough level.
Farmlands25 February 2004asarkila113, 241041(16), 1017(12)Cutting Wil back down to Earth.
Tropical23 February 2004asarkila1, 1, 1, 2, 13, 7, 11, 14, 361026(1), 1557, 1033(27), 969(28), 1002(27)asarkila holds strong as the number one player in this domain.
Tropical22 February 2004asarkila11, 42, 45, 46, 55, 74, 69995(2), 1000(51), 1047, 1040(40), 1001(23), 987(30), 969(42)The battle is fought.
Tropical20 February 2004asarkila110, 311118, 919(50)A big first 1000.
Tropical14 February 2004asarkila1491014(18)The first person to crack 1000 on this level.... half a dozen times.
Forest11 February 2004asarkila14, 22, 30, 52930(1), 313, 1049(32), 847A few more down as the Finn stays above the Aussie.
Fruity07 February 2004asarkila166, 58787, 686Another couple of clear ones.
Fruity05 February 2004asarkila168, 67662, 824A couple of number ones.
Forest29 January 2004asarkila115, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 25, 29, 36, 39918(22), 852(33), 1038(8), 624, 971(46), 626, 681, 987(38), 998(34), 1111(28)asarkila gets hungry and goes on a rampage.
Forest26 January 2004asarkila10, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 14965(18), 955(25), 915(3), 783(88), 514(37), 977(22), 676(54)Knocking them about.
Fruity25 January 2004asarkila1111273(15)Massive! Fortune favours the brave.
Tropical24 January 2004asarkila113, 27, 41, 55, 61, 63990(7), 936(14), 925(17), 978(22), 967(33), 763(5)Close to 1000 on the golden path.
Tropical17 January 2004asarkila169, 71, 74948(40), 1009(12), 968(29)DREAM and asarkila fight it out.
Fruity10 January 2004asarkila11470Well targeted to get back to number one ranking.
Tropical09 January 2004asarkila152, 60, 771007(52), 1000(12), 1002(9)And the beat rolls on.
Tropical07 January 2004asarkila116, 17, 22, 261023(39), 1003(16), 1063(24), 1000(24)It's asarkila's turn to get some premier number one 1000 pointers.
Tropical05 January 2004asarkila21846(18)Asarkila rudely nudges Thozz back down to second.
Fruity02 January 2004asarkila178, 79681(66), 700(39)Moving on to level 80!
Forest22 December 2003asarkila172883(39)asarkila makes the big break on this level set and is ranked number one a week in.
Jungle02 October 2003asarkila371305(9)asarkila holds number one ranking with the release of the new level sets.
Homelands30 May 2003asarkila133674(34)A clear number one score. The fastest yet. Well done.
Homelands02 May 2003asarkila12863(10)Wow! I got email for this one. I wonder if our methods are the same.
Homelands25 April 2003asarkila532553(26)asarkila improves his best by a tick ... but that's just not enough.
Jungle19 February 2003asarkila1291444(10)Congratulations for completing level 28 and getting to levels that only a few have seen.
Jungle22 January 2003asarkila161198Clearly the number one score.
Farmlands11 December 2002asarkila173707(7)Another number one as asarkila takes clear control over the rankings on the eve of the new level sets being released.
Homelands31 July 2002asarkila4731287What a cool level and a great recording (thanks for sending it to me).
Homelands19 July 2002asarkila2, 422, 441003(21), 815(12)asarkila takes number two position in overall rankings. Yep, asarkila has taken the number two spot from DREAM. These two scores along with half a dozen improvements yesterday put him over the line.
Homelands12 July 2002asarkila1, 1, 3, 130, 42, 18, 43923(21), 993(30), 781(12), 919(39)More clear number one scores to get within about 2000 ranking points of DREAM and 5500 off the number one ranking.
Homelands10 July 2002asarkila231439(43)As pointed out anonymously he's now within 10000 ranking points of the number one spot. Really really fast. A great method but there's always luck and lots of retries with this one.
Homelands07 July 2002asarkila156, 71885(31), 815(40)Two more clear number one scores puts asarkila ahead of ari by 5000 ranking points.
Homelands04 July 2002asarkila17, 3852(32), 804(13)That must be pretty close to optimal on level 7 - it beats my "optimal" time.
Homelands02 July 2002asarkila23803(12)The second fastest run ever on level 3.
Homelands27 June 2002asarkila110710(23)A clear number one score. Really fast too.
Homelands25 June 2002asarkila2391700Mega huge score thrashing Wil and DREAM. Well done.
Homelands18 June 2002asarkila5651531Wow! A huge score (and thanks for the recording). Luckily I got a bigger one - this score beat my second best score by 6 points!
Homelands15 June 2002asarkila6651241Once again asarkila does the traditional untilimate challenge with a fine score.
Homelands08 June 2002asarkila320555Damn good score considering you got nothing for exiting. Hmmm.
Homelands05 June 2002asarkila420544(13)Just one point off Wil's score - that's gotta hurt. And this coming from someone claiming to be no good at chaotic levels!
Homelands03 June 2002asarkila820483A quality score on this partially chaotic level.
Homelands30 May 2002asarkila340541(29)Oh so close!
Homelands25 May 2002asarkila4, 645, 39719(32), 1082Ranked 3; asarkila takes on some chaos and moves to the third ranked player taking over as the number one Finn.
Homelands20 May 2002asarkila18, 48, 46971(19), 781(31), 798(65)asarkila does some more blasting getting three number one scores, some outright and clear.
Homelands03 May 2002asarkila16761(20)Clearly fastest again. Shit hey!
Homelands30 April 2002asarkila168, 41781(35), 961(37)More clear number ones with the fastest game on level 68 ever.
Homelands29 April 2002asarkila174855(42)A clear number one as asrkila starts a run for the number one ranked Finn.
Homelands12 April 2002asarkila2, 1, 2, 52, 4, 7, 8863(10), 855(31), 852(32), 969(19)Unbelievable! Wow, congratulations on a clear number one on level 4. I am impressed. Also well done for an "almost optimal" level 2. I guess I'll need to get one more tick on level 4 and you on level 2 (and 7).
Homelands23 August 2000asarkila125922(34)That\'s gotta be one tricky method. Set up those chain reactions!
Homelands22 August 2000asarkila1751006(25)Slick, damn fast and must have been a little lucky.
Homelands27 June 2000asarkila3, 4, 40, 1, 141146(10), 1271(17), 924(33)Fantastic scores, especially level 0.
Homelands15 June 2000asarkila159702(50)A clear number one score in the shadow of Blue Duck. Interesting level.
Homelands09 June 2000asarkila1501276(0)A second clear number one in as many days. I've got no idea how you get some many points here!
Homelands08 June 2000asarkila127709(23)Good score.
Homelands06 July 1999asarkila671767(36)One year later, one point more.
Homelands02 July 1999asarkila427636(18)Pretty good!
Homelands29 June 1999asarkila310705(22)Good stuff. I'll have to refine my method I thinks.
Homelands24 June 1999asarkila170770Not bad, but there's still room to improve.
Homelands17 June 1999asarkila4801033(66)Congratulations to asarkila for becoming the 6th person to complete the game.