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BD4 Hall of Fame (Homelands)

DatePlayerPositionLevelScore                     Comment                     
06 January 2008Wil111305(20)A nice level made nicer.
16 December 2007Wil116839(31)Finally, the planned method comes off.
21 November 2007Wil16762(20)Finally Wil works out something new. Pity, after all these years, he has no idea about level 7.
22 July 2007asarkila191180(4)And two years on level 9 falls. What next?
21 July 2007seb1541016(12)No way! I played this level over 8000 games one weekend for an unbeatable score. That score is now 4th!
20 July 2007asarkila1, 469, 23974(36), 1025Another clear number 1.
18 July 2007asarkila1, 2, 432, 29, 53598(24), 2367, 632(19)The relentless targetted romp continues.
16 July 2007asarkila1, 1, 414, 18, 12933(33), 793(12), 773(2)The Finnish blitz begins. Pity Wil is on holidays for 10 weeks.
08 July 2007asarkila238727(38)asarkila takes back the crown.
06 July 2007seb238, 40727(38), 544(30)Handing Wil a gift... the number one position!
30 June 2007seb142994(31)... but not for long.
26 June 2007asarkila242994(31)asarkila retakes number one with an "unbeatable" score.
24 June 2007Wil1, 320, 42586(1), 994(31)Wil finally gets back number one in Homelands.
10 May 2007Dirkimops8, 933, 28672(33), 944(28)A couple of good scores to move Dirkimops into 11th ranking.
18 December 2005TOLIO25, 24, 30, 2866, 67, 68, 71620(43), 406(68), 733(30), 665(28)Some nice level progression - and entering the top 50.
17 December 2005TOLIO1462943(31)Nice score.... and the start of ...
09 December 2005seb3281000(32)And again, seb has all the current 1000 pointers in Homelands.
16 October 2005Dirkimops912682Squeezing into the top 10 on Janne's level.
13 September 2005korf623932(4)Fabulous score - well done.
11 September 2005arimikke6979759(61)Congratulations fo reaching level 80!
18 August 2005asarkila149, 52817(45), 594(25)Some more good runs.
18 August 2005Wil2, 2, 152, 33, 31594(25), 676(35), 439(43)Back close to number one.
15 August 2005asarkila1, 2, 133, 49, 74676(35), 817(45), 855(42)Moving clear at the top, taking the big points of Steffest, seb and ari.
13 August 2005asarkila1, 2, 2, 135, 38, 40, 42765(29), 727(38), 544(30), 993(30)asarkila takes back number one ranking. No mercy here.
12 August 2005asarkila115665(41)Well, that didn't last long. Asarkila takes it straight back.
07 August 2005Wil115665(41)Holding firm.
06 August 2005asarkila176910(39)Another clear number one.
05 August 2005Wil121, 56, 28925(24), 886(31), 1005(32)Some quality as Wil takes back the number one ranking, pushing asarkila down to third and helping seb up to second place.
03 August 2005asarkila1281000(32)God damn it - too much of a hint! Well done asarkila. I guess seb will follow.
02 August 2005ruben628979(30)Ruben opens the door.
01 August 2005Wil147, 401385(22), 544(30)A continued fightback...
30 July 2005Wil1, 263, 43997(25), 919(39)A couple more goodens.
29 July 2005Wil1, 1, 1, 23, 16, 32, 18809(13), 839(31), 596(23), 789(12)The much planned fight back continues.
28 July 2005korf11, 828, 37929(27), 716(29)Holding firm with a couple of good high scores.
27 July 2005asarkila1221006(22)Sneaking another number one.
25 July 2005korf1028928(27)Good stuff.
24 July 2005seb16, 7762(20), 853(32)Good enough the claim back number one ranking!
11 July 2005ruben17853(32)And the beat goes on....
10 July 2005ruben16762(20)You have got to be shitting me. Let's never say "optimal" again!
05 July 2005seb148782(31)Another new "optimal" score. Arghh!
04 July 2005Wil139, 481888, 781(31)A couple come back home.
24 June 2005Anyone901015(6)Cracking the 1000 pointer on the opening level.
10 June 2005asarkila130924(21)Clearly the fastest.
09 June 2005asarkila19, 681179(4), 783(35)More brilliant scores.
08 June 2005seb248781(31)Hehe, close.
08 June 2005asarkila177, 481057(32), 781(31)Asarkila takes one back and astounds us elsewhere.
05 June 2005seb1471345(21)Another clear number one.
04 June 2005seb163995(25)Setting new ground. I'm in awe of this one.
02 June 2005seb140, 62543(29), 1006(40)One taken back... and a new one.
01 June 2005asarkila171816(40)More clear number ones fall.
31 May 2005asarkila1621005(40)In the dark.
31 May 2005Wil1, 3, 1, 119, 13, 77, 58920(41), 1806(10), 1057(32), 775(15)Some minor resistance from Brisbane. It wasn't easy!
26 May 2005seb111302(20)Fantastic level. Well done.
25 May 2005seb1751010(25)How can anyone dodge yams that quickly!
23 May 2005asarkila2801213Number two.
23 May 2005seb121924(24)Ouch.
21 May 2005asarkila117895(16)Very impressive.
19 May 2005seb116838(31)Some more dice rolling.
19 May 2005asarkila115, 45665(41), 754(35)More clean number ones.
18 May 2005asarkila147, 61344(21), 762(20)Two more number ones as asarkila sets new levels for Homelands.
18 May 2005seb151021(37)After struggling to get 1000 on this level seb comes up with this!
17 May 2005asarkila17852(32)Very very fast he does it.
17 May 2005seb110, 55711(23), 1007(69)You crazy bastard!
16 May 2005asarkila1, 251, 10734(34), 711(23)You crazy bastard! I think you deserve to be at number one. I mean, well done.
15 May 2005asarkila2, 2, 1, 233, 34, 36, 38675(34), 689(37), 1022(27), 727(38)Pushing the envelope and now clearly ranked number one.
14 May 2005asarkila126, 281117(19), 992(31)Still claiming clear number one scores!
13 May 2005Wil1551006(69)Wil gains back some ground and takes his (current) second last 1000 pointer in Homelands.
12 May 2005seb149817(45)One more down.
12 May 2005Wil176, 68, 41, 10908(39), 781(35), 961(37), 711(23)Taking back some ground. After some thought getting the default number one scores. Rolling close to straight sixes as well.
11 May 2005seb153638(20)seb takes yet another number one, ensuring a clear number one ranking.
11 May 2005asarkila1771056(31)asarkila beats it again, but seb's ticket has the real number one on it!
09 May 2005seb169973(36)Stealthfully taken back offline!
09 May 2005asarkila169, 66972(36), 741(56)Two more as asarkila flexes his muscles.
08 May 2005asarkila1771056(31)Ensures Wil's high score is short lived.
07 May 2005seb1, 377, 51056(31), 1009(37)(Read backwards). Seems neither Wil nor asarkila had this one. And congratulations for having all the 1000 pointers in Homelands.
07 May 2005Wil177, 6, 41056(31), 762(20), 855(31)Taking back some ground, with a currently optimal level 6.
05 May 2005seb177, 761056(31), 908(38)Two number ones when played. Number three on level 77 once checked in!
05 May 2005asarkila1, 1, 3, 476, 68, 61, 67903(38), 781(35), 708(53), 591(48)Asarkila takes the number one spot, pending seb's ticket.
04 May 2005seb119920(41)Pipping asarkila again.
03 May 2005asarkila232588(24)Possibly a good target of Wil's score. Asarkila now ranked 2nd behind seb.
02 May 2005seb131439(43)Apparently this is optimal. seb stretches the lead.
02 May 2005asarkila1, 2, 3, 1, 11, 7, 6, 14, 191295(19), 852(32), 762(20), 932(33), 920(41)Pushing back into 3rd place, just above DREAM. Arhhh! Level 1. Great level. Now owned by asarkila. Later in the day - almost to 2nd ranked player!
28 April 2005ruben231439(43)Staying just clear of Thozz in the rankings.
26 April 2005seb5, 2, 459, 60, 76668(55), 669(31), 894(37)Rounding off the profile.
25 April 2005Thozz9, 1, 71, 2, 31214(16), 863(10), 799(12)Moving into 8th place, a tad behind ruben.
24 April 2005seb3, 2, 4, 1, 280, 17, 21, 6, 271158, 889(10), 922(24), 762(20), 701(23)Congratulations. In spectacular form seb claims the overall number one ranking in Homelands and opens up a level set once thought to have been 'solved'.
23 April 2005seb158769(15)Paving the way with a clear number one.
23 April 2005ruben16762(20)Coming to the party.
18 April 2005Thozz1, 4, 6, 54, 16, 22, 31855(31), 837(31), 999(20), 438(43)Thozz takes that tick and somre more and moved into 9th rank, overtaking Steffest.
17 April 2005Thozz44855(31)Just a tick off the number one score.
16 April 2005seb6, 1, 10, 1, 1, 1, 5, 4, 115, 4, 3, 70, 7, 10, 8, 9, 15962(32), 855(31), 787(12), 1316, 852(32), 710(23), 970(19), 1171(3), 640(35)An absolutely MAMMOTH score on level 70. And three clear number ones! Is this the revenge for that level 80 competition we had back with Sophie (durand) in 1998? seb's now ranked 4th but the top three should start to worry!
14 April 2005seb1, 2, 7, 541, 75, 43, 46961(37), 1008(25), 909(38), 797(64)More scores taken with ari 8000 points ahead and in sight.
12 April 2005seb116837(31)Another clear number one as seb narrows the 15000 ranking point gap to 4th place.
09 April 2005seb1, 1, 1, 46, 48, 68, 54762(20), 781(31), 781(35), 1012(12)Wow! Some serious scores here with numerous clear number ones.
25 March 2005Thozz4, 710, 19709(22), 914(40)Consolidating 10th ranked player with some very good scores.
23 March 2005Thozz16761(20)My god! Brilliant. That is a very suprising score. Can I see the recording :)
07 February 2005Thozz11, 90, 81004(11), 968(19)Cracking the 1000 mark (one of the original challenges).
27 January 2005Dirkimops870667A top ten score.
07 January 2005korf3731916Cracks the 1900 barrier.
02 January 2005Wil1732723Finally, finally, finally, Wil gets the clear number one on his favourite level. But is 3000 possible?
17 December 2004shockedfrog92861(10)A fast one.
23 November 2004korf3731896A brilliant score... and pretty close to the extreme challenge of 2000.
17 November 2004TreborNelg1280995(42)Congratulation for becoming the 12th player to complete the game!
06 November 2004korf779915(44)Now past the K Man and Ghost!
03 November 2004korf561708(28)Joining the level 61 perfecto club.
24 October 2004HARDIES5, 7, 7, 7, 873, 65, 19, 12, 10477, 968, 906(40), 730(20), 702(22)Heading towards the top ten ranked teams.
10 October 2004korf912682A good score by the Austrian.
10 October 2004HARDIES6, 8, 750, 39, 651123, 920, 932An assault by the HARDIES. Good to see. Pity about the flag!
24 September 2004Anyone10, 14, 16, 14, 12, 19, 4073, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79747(70), 855(25), 951(22), 792(27), 1045(26), 335(25), 846(63)A great score on level 73, then a cruise to level 80! Well done.
15 September 2004Dirkimops767523A good top ten score by the 11th ranked player.
07 September 2004Dirkimops911207(11)A classy one thousand pointer.
07 August 2004HARDIE9, 6, 728, 30, 50919(27), 897(20), 1103(52)Moving up in the top 20.
01 August 2004HARDIES644, 50895(30), 1088(55)In search of a top 10 birth.
26 July 2004Dirkimops561708(27)Well done for joining the 708 club ... perfect.
26 July 2004HARDIE15, 7, 171, 39, 501152(7), 1099, 1000(49)Some 1000 pointers.
25 July 2004ruben118791(12)... but not for long!
25 July 2004asarkila118788(12)A clear new number one...
18 July 2004Wil N Wil178672A clear number one. Closing in on 5th.
17 July 2004ruben116837(31)surely, ruben takes numerous "unbeatable" scores. Ranked 7 now and well consolidated. Where will it stop.
16 July 2004ruben114932(33)Slowly, but ...
14 July 2004ruben13807(13)An amazing score. A clear number one.
05 July 2004ruben141961(37)Heading for the top 10.
26 June 2004r-Sect5, 828, 26824(23), 934(21)A new teamwork force gets a couple of top 10 scores.
24 June 2004ruben17852(32)Another very fast number one, equalling asarkila.
23 June 2004ruben14, 6855(31), 761(20)A new clear number one. Congratulations.
06 June 2004korf7, 811, 32759(12), 542(24)Looking good! Ranked 15 and real top ten material.
14 May 2004Thozz4, 552, 53593(24), 618(19)Squeezing above Dirkimops.
13 May 2004Dirkimops552593(24)A point behind Phil!
13 May 2004korf4731753(4)An awesome score on my favourite level. And pretty close to the big 2000.
01 May 2004Thozz8, 1540, 80530(27), 742Thozz looks to keep 9th place intacked over the up and coming Dirkimops.
20 April 2004Dirkimops441961(37)Four ticks from the high score.
19 April 2004HARDIE11, 20, 15, 17, 1632, 24, 18, 15, 14515(23), 338(30), 724(10), 627(38), 876(31)HARDIE enters the top 20 with numerous high scores.
16 April 2004Dirkimops738722(33)Step by step.
07 April 2004Dirkimops833671(33)Edging towards the top 10.
22 March 2004korf672882(38)Squeezing above HeHe in the rankings.
15 March 2004Wil2701059(1)Hee hee. 1000.
07 March 2004korf4731592That's a big one!
28 February 2004korf14, 16, 15, 1320, 25, 27, 28450(17), 864(30), 589(13), 870(23)Well done! korf pushes into the top 20 ranked players on the main competitive level set.
21 February 2004korf661707(19)So, so close. You must have blown up one gem.
19 February 2004Thozz3, 77, 21852(32), 918(24)Thozz breaks into the top 10 with a brilliant score on level 3, possibly unlucky not to get first or second.
18 February 2004Thozz6, 974, 51855(37), 662(35)Squeezing within 150 points of the top 10.
17 February 2004Dirkimops830876(19)Coming within 1000 points of the top 10.
16 February 2004korf1024357(32)A good score for this chaotic level.
11 February 2004Dirkimops12, 9, 426, 25, 241003(24), 883(34), 398(26)Some good scores by the twelve ranked player.
10 February 2004ejlo760666(30)Slightly more consolidation on that #10 spot.
09 February 2004Dirkimops524369(19)Dirkimops gets closer to the top 10 ranked players.
09 February 2004ejlo10771047(27)Congratulations ejlo for getting into the top 10.
07 February 2004korf837701(27)A big score for this level.
06 February 2004Dirkimops7, 13, 917, 16, 19872(3), 831(29), 909(40)A few more rank improvers.
31 January 2004Dirkimops837696(26)Dirt be gone, score be big.
10 January 2004korf4, 873, 231350(7), 735(1)Great level, huge score, well done.
07 December 2003Dirkimops7131676(26)After 3 top ten score in November some secrets of level 13 are found.
04 December 2003korf7731197(31)Over 1000 on this claustrophobic level and a very close to 4th position.
30 November 2003 ninztar1931423(39)Enter the top 20.
18 November 2003Dirkimops105887(25)And his second. How about a third top 10 score for the month :)
14 November 2003cwancig8291551(3)A huge score, but surely there was time for a little more!
11 November 2003korf1023648(2)Beats the last hall of fame entry. Good stuff.
06 November 2003cwancig1223563(4)A big score on one of the best chaos levels.
03 November 2003Dirkimops83787(12)The first top 10 this month for Dirkimops.
25 October 2003Dirkimops901005(11)Well done. Challenge complete.
22 October 2003HARDIE838720(31)Congratulations for making the top 20 in the rankings.
18 October 2003Dirkimops679915(44)And look, it's happened again.
11 October 2003Dirkimops876838(31)Yet another top 10 score by the number one ranked German.
05 October 2003HARDIE939931Top 10 but under 1000. A fun and worthy level.
30 September 2003rzrsedg1844603Beats ruben's recent high score.
13 September 2003Raistlin852790(8)A good score in a fairly competitive teamwork level.
13 September 2003HARDIES436909(1)It's all in the method. Good stuff team!
21 August 2003korf973969A big score and the highest personal score under 1000.
27 June 2003Dirkimops867499Edging closer to the top 10 in the rankings. Just two spots to go.
17 June 2003Dirkimops766673(38)Just behing The K Man on his level. He's no longer first though!
30 May 2003asarkila133674(34)A clear number one score. The fastest yet. Well done.
26 May 2003Dirkimops661704(12)The one that got away.
23 May 2003ruben1140518(24)Chaos, chaos ... but just outside the top 10.
10 May 2003korf973902(21)In the top 10, but under the 1000 mark. Good stuff.
02 May 2003asarkila12863(10)Wow! I got email for this one. I wonder if our methods are the same.
01 May 2003Dirkimops1429960(6)Good score amist the chaos.
25 April 2003asarkila532553(26)asarkila improves his best by a tick ... but that's just not enough.
29 March 2003korf1023586(1)Squeezing into the top 10 on this fabulous chaotic level.
20 March 2003Thozz140969(11)Better than the fastest run... but more funkiness is possible.
17 March 2003DREAM22863(10)Finally DREAM gets the "almost optimal" score.
14 March 2003Thozz971771(36)Good stuff.
05 February 2003 dcvermist652800(9)Beats the adrianjust-ers.
02 February 2003Dirkimops13, 1951, 53657(35), 551(13)A couple more good high scores.
07 January 2003Dirkimops12, 1346, 47791(58), 1087(15)A couple of high scores on the eve of the first partial new level set being released.
03 January 2003Die3cleveren29, 19, 1617, 15, 18806(7), 625(40), 679(9)This team moves to #40 in the rankings.
02 January 2003Thozz7, 1345, 47675(27), 1067(15)A push the the verge of the top 10 ranked players. One more score today should do it.
31 December 2002Dirkimops14, 1344, 12636(2), 604A couple of big scores on a couple of fun chaotic levels.
30 December 2002KTS_Team21, 11, 2246, 47, 48692(50), 984(12), 710Some good scores and it's nice to see some scores from the BeOS version!
29 December 2002 mama116, 2444, 43837(24), 749(7)As the team passed the half way mark.
27 December 2002Dirkimops8, 14, 26, 1227, 30, 26, 22639(17), 848(17), 966(24), 984(17)A swag of scores by the now ranked 15th player.
14 December 2002Thozz241961(37)Wow! Now there's some big ranking points. Just one tick of the current "optimal" speed.
12 December 2002Dirkimops915644(33)But with some resistance.
11 December 2002Thozz653614(18)and the beat goes on.
10 December 2002Thozz56760(20)Looks like he's at it again. Just enough to surpass Dirkimops' score.
07 December 2002korf973820(29)A top 10 on Wil's favourite level. Pretty close to 1000 points too.
28 November 2002korf1223533(2)Another good score on a fun an chaotic level.
16 November 2002Dirkimops66759(20)Another notch up the rankings. Thozz watch out!
13 November 2002Collectors929518A big score but not quite there yet. This level is hard in teamwork.
11 November 2002Thozz155858(25)Not crazy enough.
10 November 2002korf11291264(3)A big score. And finished too.
09 November 2002Thozz825886(32)Some more colsolidation.
07 November 2002Dirkimops11, 1925, 27877(33), 576(13)Just setting Thozz scores to beat it would seem! Is that so strange?
06 November 2002troeti1461637(6)Weclomed to the hall of fame with a quality score.
05 November 2002JohnS5731273Great level. Great score.
04 November 2002Melissa957887(17)Melissa enters the top 20 ranked players. Well done.
04 November 2002Thozz7, 9, 8, 106, 4, 21, 10759(20), 854(31), 916(23), 703(22)That's a good collection of scores to cement your top 10 rank.
03 November 2002Dirkimops66758(20)Level 6, number 6.
29 October 2002 mama116, 3327, 28511(19), 735(15)Well done team.
26 October 2002Dirkimops12, 21, 1718, 17, 15735(10), 745(16), 626(39)Enter the top 15 ranked players.
26 October 2002korf1359573(56)korf moves into the top 50 ranked players.
20 October 2002korf1523464(1)Well done to exit in the nick of time. Great level this one.
16 October 2002Thozz1140, 33518(24), 668(32)Two more good scores.
15 October 2002Thozz9, 730, 31875(19), 437(43)Edging closer to a top ten ranking.
13 October 2002Thozz10, 11, 916, 19, 34832(30), 900(39), 670(34)Thozz moved into #11 with some quality scores.
08 October 2002mydesign1244867(27)Good stuff.
03 October 2002Thozz679915(41)Optimal score ... and fast.
26 September 2002mydesign1039509More chaos, more fun. Also well done for completing this hard level (in teamwork).
24 September 2002mydesign1136667A nice score on this fun teamwork level.
09 September 2002kmiki1529861Even closer to the Austrian but not quite there!
08 September 2002ari2, 119, 16919(41), 837(31)More big ranking improvements.
05 September 2002ari142993(30)A *clear* number one and much much faster than second place.
04 September 2002ari2, 156, 47885(31), 1342(21)ari's back closing in on the top 3 ranked players.
03 September 2002ari268781(35)Squeezes between #1 and #3 on this level.
02 September 2002korf973763(48)Just a little bit better than the last Austrian score.
30 August 2002cwancig1073593(54)A big score on this fantasic, but crazy, level.
30 August 2002Thozz1476770(25)Currently ranked number 13 in the world.
28 August 2002kmiki1629856Almost as good as cwancig's score.
23 August 2002cwancig1429880(2)This level's raised the challenge.
21 August 2002JohnS8291542Now 7/10 of the top 10 on this level are from Europe. And overall for that matter!
19 August 2002Dirkimops1812490A collections of many blue gems.
17 August 2002cwancig1529844(10)Close to 1000 on this tough level.
12 August 2002JohnS7651213Big score achieving the traditional ultimate challenge.
31 July 2002asarkila4731287What a cool level and a great recording (thanks for sending it to me).
25 July 2002JohnS515654(37)Quality score and technique. Fantastic score for the time.
21 July 2002Thozz1017855(6)Just a couple of aliens short.
19 July 2002asarkila2, 422, 441003(21), 815(12)asarkila takes number two position in overall rankings. Yep, asarkila has taken the number two spot from DREAM. These two scores along with half a dozen improvements yesterday put him over the line.
15 July 2002Thozz8361001(25)Thozz cracks the 1000 points using the Java version.
15 July 2002JohnS615648(35)A quality score with technique.
12 July 2002asarkila1, 1, 3, 130, 42, 18, 43923(21), 993(30), 781(12), 919(39)More clear number one scores to get within about 2000 ranking points of DREAM and 5500 off the number one ranking.
10 July 2002JohnS8291485The score I meant to add but what the heck. How about 2000 :)
10 July 2002cwancig2129556(39)A nifty score on 29. Now 1000 seems like a good challenge. Back to JohnS...
10 July 2002Dirkimops1912480(9)A nifty score. The number one German player moves up to 18th ranked player.
10 July 2002asarkila231439(43)As pointed out anonymously he's now within 10000 ranking points of the number one spot. Really really fast. A great method but there's always luck and lots of retries with this one.
09 July 2002Thozz946792(59)A nice completion playing the Java version.
07 July 2002asarkila156, 71885(31), 815(40)Two more clear number one scores puts asarkila ahead of ari by 5000 ranking points.
04 July 2002asarkila17, 3852(32), 804(13)That must be pretty close to optimal on level 7 - it beats my "optimal" time.
02 July 2002asarkila23803(12)The second fastest run ever on level 3.
29 June 2002boss1554985(11)boss moves into the top 30 ranked players. Currently in 28th spot.
27 June 2002asarkila110710(23)A clear number one score. Really fast too.
25 June 2002JohnS453617(18)JohnS continues to move up the rankings. Now number 9.
25 June 2002asarkila2391700Mega huge score thrashing Wil and DREAM. Well done.
25 June 2002korf973582(70)In the top 10 on this fantastic level. The top 10 is still pretty beatable on level 73!
24 June 2002Thozz943882(33)Thozz gets closer to that number 10 spot.
18 June 2002asarkila5651531Wow! A huge score (and thanks for the recording). Luckily I got a bigger one - this score beat my second best score by 6 points!
17 June 2002shockedfrog9, 22, 25, 21, 1448, 2, 63, 55, 57777(31), 853(9), 945(23), 851(63), 821(21)Enter the top 30 ranked players. Good stuff!
17 June 2002JohnS9, 51, 571202(12), 952(24)Cool score on level 1. Funky stuff.
17 June 2002Dirkimops20, 24, 1912, 8, 5430(25), 959(19), 811(21)The number one German colsidates in the top 20 ranked players with three quality scores.
15 June 2002asarkila6651241Once again asarkila does the traditional untilimate challenge with a fine score.
14 June 2002JohnS5, 9, 1553, 35, 17615(18), 752(16), 814(5)More good scores as John looks to push from the vunerable #10 ranking.
13 June 2002JohnS777, 671050(28), 514A cool chaos level score!
11 June 2002JohnS1, 1059, 77703(56), 1044(25)Congratulations for your first number one score. It is clearly the top too! Ok, it's your first #1 score since 1999 (sorry about that).
09 June 2002korf1173534(57)What a cool level. Bonza score too.
08 June 2002asarkila320555Damn good score considering you got nothing for exiting. Hmmm.
05 June 2002asarkila420544(13)Just one point off Wil's score - that's gotta hurt. And this coming from someone claiming to be no good at chaotic levels!
03 June 2002JohnS27, 43, 23, 15, 7, 30, 28, 252, 11, 14, 28, 53, 63, 70, 76849(9), 656(12), 870(31), 853(22), 605(17), 935(22), 512(14), 732(22)Top 10: The Scot takes The K Man out of the top 10 ranking.
03 June 2002Dirkimops524369(15)Moving up in the rankings, now in the top 20.
03 June 2002asarkila820483A quality score on this partially chaotic level.
01 June 2002Dirkimops679915(40)A score just better than Thozz.
31 May 2002Thozz25, 12, 10, 8, 1765, 4, 2, 3, 13838, 852(31), 860(10), 779(11), 1567(24)A number of scores helps Thozz push higher amongst the log-jam of played ranked between 10 and 15. There is only one 10th spot and JohnS might be looking at it right now!
30 May 2002asarkila340541(29)Oh so close!
29 May 2002JohnS753600(16)Looks like the secrets have been worked out. Good stuff.
27 May 2002 Qwak2111051(12)Some luck, some skill, no choking and a good run one presumes! Well done.
26 May 2002Thozz18, 14, 208, 68, 54964(19), 770(34), 968(10)A few new high scores sees Thozz ranked 15.
25 May 2002asarkila4, 645, 39719(32), 1082Ranked 3; asarkila takes on some chaos and moves to the third ranked player taking over as the number one Finn.
22 May 2002JohnS9, 549, 12807(42), 731(2)Getting closer to a top 10 ranking. Currently 14th and on the move.
21 May 2002Dirkimops970654(13)Just off The K Man's score with some way to go.
20 May 2002asarkila18, 48, 46971(19), 781(31), 798(65)asarkila does some more blasting getting three number one scores, some outright and clear.
18 May 2002boss1119896(39)The second top Swedish score on this level.
12 May 2002korf1573461(68)Quality score on this fantastic level.
09 May 2002JohnS812688Great score, beating John's #3 score from 1999!
08 May 2002Thozz96757(20)A wee bit off the pace with a quality fast run.
03 May 2002asarkila16761(20)Clearly fastest again. Shit hey!
30 April 2002asarkila168, 41781(35), 961(37)More clear number ones with the fastest game on level 68 ever.
29 April 2002asarkila174855(42)A clear number one as asrkila starts a run for the number one ranked Finn.
27 April 2002Dirkimops524361(21)Wow, 10 points, 5 places. You show that Aussie.
26 April 2002epinephrine1024350(16)Some controlled chaos
20 April 2002boss1043879(34)A cruisey top 10 score.
18 April 2002espresso1761618(2)Welcome espresso to the top 30 with a fine score.
15 April 2002boss1160659(29)Damn fine score on a fun level. Any higher and maybe it wouldn't be so much fun. But a challange, yes.
12 April 2002asarkila2, 1, 2, 52, 4, 7, 8863(10), 855(31), 852(32), 969(19)Unbelievable! Wow, congratulations on a clear number one on level 4. I am impressed. Also well done for an "almost optimal" level 2. I guess I'll need to get one more tick on level 4 and you on level 2 (and 7).
08 April 2002ari138728(39)Seems Ari's on the War-path. I didn't set down the challenge so he could beat his own score! This is now clearly the best score on this level.
07 April 2002Thozz1041959(37)Just under the bar.
07 April 2002ari138727(38)Number one but possibly not the fastest. Here's a level which may be broken yet.
05 April 2002ari372902(42)A very fast game.
04 April 2002HeHe1191075(3)Still a secret yet to find... or maybe more, who knows?
03 April 2002HeHe867473Chaos reigns, but not quite as good as The K Man!
02 April 2002Thozz774855(31)Thozz makes the top 20 ranked players.
02 April 2002belinda8180315Congratulations for getting to the final level as well as cracking into the top 100.
28 March 2002boss1080996(38)Massive congratulations for completing the game! Only the 11th person (and the third Swede) and in around 3000 games. Well done!
23 March 2002ari143918(39)Wow! Right out of nowhere ari returns with a clear number one score.
22 March 2002boss1280916Pretty good score and probably close to conquoring the final singles level.
21 March 2002Dirkimops1761612(3)Number one German player. Congratulations on this achievement.
18 March 2002HeHe93775(11)HeHe finds themself one ranking position higher than masuford. Interesting.
05 March 2002Thozz1591072(3)Fantastic, fast score but still missing that little something.
21 February 2002masuford774855(31)The highest score but a little off the pace.
18 February 2002HeHe6731124Huge (well big) score on a classy level. Well done.
13 February 2002masuford945606(20)Breaking into the top 20 as the third highest Finn.
27 January 2002eor1, 2, 1, 1, 235, 34, 32, 30, 361088(39), 695, 648(19), 1139(23), 908(9)Some teamwork clean up on the day after Australia day.
23 January 2002HeHe773776The challenge is 1000!
21 January 2002ragnar123759(12)The big number one.
15 January 2002 Snoeshaan1009792(2)Squeezing it in.
29 December 2001HeHe773732Great score on Wil's favourite level.
22 November 2001Fred382227(17)That's a huge teamwork score - and quick, but not quite quick enough.
23 October 2001Fred3241074(13)The team now sits confortably in the 10th ranked position.
21 October 2001Ghost86757(20)Ghost wiggles a little higher up the rankings, knocking on the door of the top 10.
17 October 2001Fred1, 374, 71915(42), 815(40)A number ONE in teamwork with the fastest recorded time yet.
18 September 2001Fred6241059(13)Right path, right method and fast.
17 September 2001ejlo7471247(19)Closing in.
11 September 2001Fred774915(13)Well done to this team for making level 80 with several quality scores.
09 September 2001ejlo928875(23)Solid and thorough.
01 September 2001shockedfrog1591062(2)The more the merrier. Blues that is.
30 August 2001nullos1544614Quality chaos score.
30 August 2001sky62922(11)Zippy score for Kaa and this French duo.
29 August 2001Pax16131575(25)Welcome back. Good score, but just not enough bugs :)
21 August 2001Naccas139928(6)That's a sneaky number one. I'm not sure how long this one will last!
16 August 2001ejlo280790(8)Well done to ejlo for getting through level set 1 with a whole lot of number one scores..
15 August 2001ejlo173, 75, 76645(3), 823(9), 1100(22)Three number one scores as ejlo gets closer to the end.
14 August 2001steph6059477(59)Congratulations on quick level progression and a number of high scores along the way.
06 August 2001shockedfrog26, 18, 328, 9, 17958(19), 1044(1), 661(12)Welcome to this new Scot with a set of high scores elevating them high into the rankings. And now I have a Scottish flag!
31 July 2001espresso2124315(18)A player who's been there since day 1 (April 1997) moves towards a top 30 ranked position (currently 31).
25 July 2001Wil156885(31)A clear number one moves Wil a little closer to DREAM.
20 July 2001S and S1020763(21)S and S move into the top 40 ranked teams with this top ten score.
17 July 2001Ghost1233666(31)Ghost gets closer to 10th spot (rankings) with a few improved high scores.
15 July 2001eor1, 4, 5, 536, 45, 42, 43923(4), 718(34), 992(29), 905(39)Fantastic effort on level 36 and a clear number one. Good method and all.
13 July 2001ragnar848777(31)Fractions, but far enough, away from a new number one.
05 July 2001Wil12863(10)Finally there's a distinction between this method and a very very slightly slow one. Again, I think this is optimal, but history may repeat?
11 June 2001gabriel973559(62)Congratulations on a top 10 score on a extremely funky level.
20 May 2001Janne344869The number one Swede marches on.
17 May 2001DREAMTEAM137831(25)Clearly number one. Keep those hands moving and the methods flowing.
08 May 2001DREAM1501304(14)Slow and steady.
26 April 2001DREAM366733(52)Faster than his previous best, but not fast enough for the #1 ranked player.
05 April 2001masuford939884(11)Getting on for 1000. Well done.
19 February 2001HeHe1080996(38)If Janne can do it so can I. You show 'em. HeHe's the 10th to complete the game.
12 February 2001ari345743(34)ari's still going for those scores.
12 February 2001Ripster8, 9, 7, 9, 41, 4, 5, 7, 111175(10), 961(27), 922(29), 858(32), 1019(12)The mighty Ripster joins the hunt.
09 February 2001Janne980996(44)Congratulations Janne. Janne becomes the 9th person to complete level 80 singles.
04 February 2001ari1751010(25)Reactions or something!
01 February 2001DREAMTEAM201068(14)Bloody brilliant using two hands.
31 January 2001dandalong132592(23)With a good method there's still a good of choking on the home run. Well done.
11 January 2001Janne344842Great chaos effort.
14 December 2000ejlo1031429(41)Run run run.
11 November 2000JohnS520498A quality score. Good stuff John.
08 November 2000Janne161708(61)That\'s damn fast. Like really fast. I guess faster is possible. Any takers?
30 October 2000Janne112832That\'s getting close to optimal! Any better and you\'d really be relying on the luck of the drip.
10 October 2000JohnS5731190A big score. Well done in a tights and chaotic level.
14 September 2000ari1221006(22)Ari\'s still in the hunt for the premier ranking.
12 September 2000ari179, 76915(57), 901(38)Rolls another couple of levels. Equals one of Wil making him a little unhappy.
31 August 2000DREAM153636(20)Number one ranking isn\'t enough. Another #1 to add to his belt.
23 August 2000asarkila125922(34)That\'s gotta be one tricky method. Set up those chain reactions!
22 August 2000asarkila1751006(25)Slick, damn fast and must have been a little lucky.
15 July 2000Wil111292(19)Fast and sweet. Beatable, but...
15 July 2000seb144880(33)The chaos killer clearly slashes another level down.
12 July 2000seb1231425Possibly Wil\'s favourite level and an absolute classic heads to France for what looks like an eternity. Maybe one day someone else will beat this.
10 July 2000Janne2651583Huge score. Beats Wil on the ultimate level. Well done (you bastard <grin>)
08 July 2000Blue Duck121, 18, 23, 17922(24), 803(13), 1264, 892(13)Blue Duck sows up the number one rank in teamwork with a final 4 number one scores for the day.
07 July 2000Blue Duck1221013(23)A fast synced nip home.
05 July 2000DREAM1701117(7)DREAM on.
04 July 2000Blue Duck161708(59)Fast and furious. Precise. A cool level.
02 July 2000Blue Duck152950(18)Who said that time was tight!
02 July 2000DREAM140, 45542(29), 752(35)Two more in the same day. DREAM maintains control on the number one spot.
01 July 2000Blue Duck10, 4, 14, 16, 20, 38, 42, 47, 48, 65, 671086(15), 973(29), 931(32), 900(34), 1055(21), 731(42), 995(32), 1392(22), 1321(22), 1715, 606ELEVEN number one scores in a single day including the first level (teamwork) and the ultimate level (65).
30 June 2000DREAM114930(32)DREAM won't lie down.
29 June 2000Blue Duck139, 491660, 858(43)Choas reigns, but alas is controlled.
29 June 2000Wil167621(23)Goodie. Another clear number one and a little closer to DREAM.
28 June 2000DREAM2, 3, 3, 1, 322, 35, 38, 51, 771003(21), 763(27), 726(37), 733(35), 1055(31)DREAM takes clear control of the number one position again with a collection of great scores.
27 June 2000asarkila3, 4, 40, 1, 141146(10), 1271(17), 924(33)Fantastic scores, especially level 0.
27 June 2000Blue Duck131, 32, 33443(45), 896(24), 681(36)A hat trick.
24 June 2000Blue Duck13, 34, 35, 59878(16), 705(41), 763(27), 725(62)Hack and slash. 4 number ones and 4 lesser high scores on this day.
24 June 2000DREAM151017(37)Surely that's impossible. Fantastic score. We'll be dreaming on out here in the real world!
15 June 2000asarkila159702(50)A clear number one score in the shadow of Blue Duck. Interesting level.
15 June 2000Blue Duck136, 45, 46, 79921(2), 753(35), 800(67), 915(59)Four more clear ones. blah and Wil cut them up.
14 June 2000Wil135765(29)Clear number one and much needed ground made against DREAM.
13 June 2000Blue Duck156, 58, 60, 681194(19), 750(14), 901(40), 1041(30)Four more down. The number one teamwork ranking is starting to look endangered.
11 June 2000Blue Duck169, 71, 77987(39), 828(41), 1055(31)Keep on marching.
11 June 2000Wil115664(40)And Wil takes one for himself!
10 June 2000Blue Duck115, 28, 29, 54, 64, 78674(45), 833(24), 2467(0), 1029(13), 1038(34), 636Blue Duck slams six new high scores on the same day.
09 June 2000asarkila1501276(0)A second clear number one in as many days. I've got no idea how you get some many points here!
09 June 2000DREAM172904(42)Fastest and best (for now).
08 June 2000asarkila127709(23)Good score.
06 June 2000Blue Duck182244(20)Go the duck. Too good. Too fast. Too many points. Clearly number one on a classy, yet tough, teamwork level.
30 May 2000Wil1261093(17)Finally got it. I'm very hapy about the method too.
17 May 2000DREAMTEAM110724(24)Another teamwork number one. DREAM'll never take the teamwork crowd by himself.
17 May 2000DREAM110710(23)First teamwork, now singles. Where will it stop?
16 May 2000DREAMTEAM12931(11)FREAK! Number one on a time only run using two hands. FREAK!
16 May 2000DREAM158760(15)Ranked number one and still getting clear number one scores.
11 April 2000ari151010(37)Wow! As ari makes yet another charge.
09 April 2000ari1471338(21)Clearly fastest on a hairy level.
05 April 2000cusack141961(37)Cusack puts in the hard yards. Number one. Well done!
02 April 2000Blue Duck143920(40)Go the duck.
01 April 2000Blue Duck191372(5)No April fools! Blue Duck with the first of many. PKWA Watch Out!
28 March 2000DREAM128986(31)Doh. Spotted. DREAM takes a clear number one back.
28 March 2000seb116837(31)seb takes an unconventioned one for him. He equals the pack.
24 March 2000Wil157983(31)Yippie. Another number one. That's three clear ones recently.
23 March 2000Wil171815(40)Fighting back for the number one ranking.
14 March 2000Wil117890(11)Clearly a good thing.
18 February 2000seb1781078(0)An absolutely massive score. And I though 700 was good!
09 February 2000seb1551000(67)A round score to match the number of ranking points achieved by it. That's goota be some fine grenade work there!
04 February 2000milly512718(0)Welcome milly to the hall of fame. Great score on a choatic level.
28 January 2000DREAMTEAM151761(38)Fair enough. I still recogn two heads are better than one.
22 January 2000eor326987(26)Good stuff. Did you get the blues?
25 December 1999eor153634(20)Merry Christmas. A clear number one score in teamwork.
20 December 1999ari134690(38)A clear high score and a new best routine. Fantastic effort.
18 December 1999DREAM1361020(27)DREAM continues his charge of control on the top scores.
17 December 1999DREAM118787(12)Another number one.
15 December 1999DREAM211810(15)Good, but not good enough. Bad luck.
14 December 1999DREAM1541015(12)Not happy. That score took me several thousand games of play. I was hoping to keep it forever. Now I have to share.
05 December 1999eor64965(28)New
01 December 1999seb1292413(1)Huge score. Possibly the biggest in single player ever.
30 November 1999 Lani612673(16)Hiya Lani. Welcome to the hall of fame.
25 November 1999ari160670(31)ari makes a serious charge for the number one ranking.
23 November 1999ari163994(25)Very fast. Good effort.
12 November 1999ejlo1132379(22)Hmmm, I wonder if ejlo knows Janne!
11 November 1999Wil191179(4)This one's gonna last.
07 November 1999Janne1132320(20)Still no idea, but if I had the method I recogn I could beat it elsewhere.
03 November 1999DREAMTEAM119929(42)That's DREAM using two hands. What a freak!
31 October 1999dandalong3651371A great score on the classic level.
20 October 1999Janne124440(45)Wow. It's almost a deterministic level, but, Wow.
08 October 1999Wil152594(25)Finally got 25 time. Sorry Phil! Go the Java version:)
04 October 1999ari1621005(40)This'll be pretty tough to beat.
03 October 1999seb1651623


The number one score on the ultimate level. Well done.
03 October 1999seb1621004(39)You must be able to see those walls!
03 October 1999seb1391805He's a freak!
01 October 1999ari114930(32)Must be a good method. Interresting!
29 September 1999dandalong1391651Huge score.
28 September 1999Wil12863(10)Finally, finally, finally, I get that extra point on level 2. I wonder if I'm using the same method - maybe more points are possible?
25 September 1999Janne511226(12)Janne enters the level 1 challenge,
24 September 1999DREAM6801086(61)DREAM becomes the 8th person to complete the game. Talk about teamwork with dandalong!

7 of these 8 are ranked in the top 7, durand's the other. Just some extra trivia.

24 September 1999dandalong6801003(65)Congratulations, dandalong becomes the 7th person to complete the game.
24 September 1999Janne145719(32)Janne takes back level 45.
24 September 1999seb1231161Seb sets the challenge. Well, sets it higher!
23 September 1999ari135, 42, 62, 69763(27), 993(30), 1003(62), 969(35)Ari takes three 'equal' top scores, and cracks 1000 on level 62.
23 September 1999seb1621004(39)Huge score, but how long will it last?
22 September 1999ejlo922984(17)Welcome to the hall of fame.
22 September 1999dandalong135763(27)Equals Wil's score from the UK - Doh.
21 September 1999DREAM169969(35)Quite a margin, but ari will equal you <smile>
21 September 1999DREAM116837(31)DREAM Steals myoptimal score.
20 September 1999ari238726(37)A little too slow.
19 September 1999Janne6, 1244, 65707, 1013Weel done. 1000 points on level 65 - the original ultimate challenge.
16 September 1999seb1789511000 is possible, but any score over 900 is inhuman! I stand in awe, unable to get anywhere near this score.
15 September 1999ari133, 71674(34), 795(38)Phil's long standing number one score goes down.
14 September 1999dandalong6, 8, 525, 26, 27880(43), 1014(25), 636(18)Dandalong takes a firm hold on 5th place.
14 September 1999Ghost961647(33)Claiming back 9th ranking.
14 September 1999ari1, 4, 453, 71, 78631(19), 787(37), 643Damn fast high score. Also a massive score for level 78, but not quite up to seb's standard.
13 September 1999Janne844687Janne takes on Ghost (and The K Man) in the rankings.
13 September 1999ari1, 2, 5, 43, 32, 53, 71798(12), 726(37), 597(19), 787(37)Again ari looks for the number one ranking!
12 September 1999ari1, 274, 75855(42), 992(24)That must be optimal for level 74. You're the first, well done.
10 September 1999dandalong4651347Fantastic score!
09 September 1999Ghost169966(35)Back with avengence with a debut number one score. Well done.
09 September 1999ari1, 4, 2, 21, 26, 27, 321270(17), 1026(26), 667(20), 555(27)Great score for level 27! Quick score for level 32. Brilliant level 1 - looks like my Austrian score might have to be beaten after all!
08 September 1999ari163990(25)How! This is damn fast!
07 September 1999Janne259665(29)An interesting set of scores!
07 September 1999ari156871(29)Bye Phil!
06 September 1999ari5, 1, 39, 48, 661090(4), 780(31), 721(60)Optimal 48 :-)
06 September 1999Wil3, 15, 9956(32), 1176(4)That's a little quicker (level 9)! But how do you go so quickly on level 5!!?
05 September 1999DREAM191175(3)That's pretty quick!
05 September 1999ari1771053(30)That'll sort out Wil and DREAM!
03 September 1999Ghost91983(10)Interesting, just short of 1000.
03 September 1999ari116, 43837(31), 911(37)Top place isn't too far away!?
02 September 1999DREAM1771052(29)Now that's just cheeky!
02 September 1999Janne357958(25)Good score.
02 September 1999Wil1, 2, 2, 19, 28, 31, 771175(3), 967(30), 438(43), 1052(29)Back to number one for a day or two.
01 September 1999DREAM1, 249, 50816(45), 1204(14)DREAM takes a commanding 2500 point lead in the rankings.
31 August 1999DREAM191175(3)Grrrr.
31 August 1999Janne3, 4, 55, 55, 58954(31), 920(64), 693(18)Pretty good. That level 5 is starting to look scary - maybe 1000 is possible in singles (not only in teamwork!).
31 August 1999Janne10-9590Welcome to the top 10 ranked players. Well done.
30 August 1999 Lani920453(21)Brilliant score for a relatively inexperienced player.
30 August 1999Janne45947(31)Another quality score comes in.
28 August 1999Wil140541(29)Thanks to DREAM for pointing out that I wasn't in the hunt for this level. My move from 7th to 1st gains me 800 points and costs DREAM 300. Looks like I'm number one in the world again - at least for a few hours!
27 August 1999DREAM242991(28)With 2 other #3 scores and a #5 this secures the number one ranking quite nicely.
25 August 1999Wil118, 53, 55787(12), 626(19), 974(64)Yes, I really do want number one ranking back.
24 August 1999DREAM3, 13, 20792(12), 562(26)Killer score to settle the differences. Seems DREAM is keen to clearly and convincently hold the number one ranking.
24 August 1999Phil156871(29)Now that is pretty good!
23 August 1999DREAM118781(12)Equalled again. I'll have to do better next time.
21 August 1999seb178942BIG Big big score. Any chance of a recording to scare the masses?
20 August 1999DREAM174855(41)xxx
18 August 1999Wil143910(37)Your turn DREAM.
17 August 1999Wil1, 218, 33781(12), 673(34)Fighting for number one ranking!
12 August 1999ari117, 62889(10), 997(38)Fighting for position #3 in the rankings. Two brilliant scores.
10 August 1999dandalong178840FANTASTIC score. Shit, that means seb might try to do better!
09 August 1999DREAM143910(37)Well done - I never thought of that. Pity for you the score/time combination gives away the method.
09 August 1999seb119918(41)There's that extra point which eludes me.
08 August 1999Wil125898(34)DREAM seems to have me beaten. This is one of my final marked levels - it's gonna be tough from here.
05 August 1999DREAM160667(30)Another one.
05 August 1999Wil142993(30)That's as fast as I can do it.
04 August 1999dandalong2292160What would have been number one yesterday. Another biggy.
03 August 1999seb1292279Massive score. In fact the highest score for any singles level.
29 July 1999cusack7501049Good stuff.
29 July 1999seb170985(9)That's a serious score. seb looks good enough to hold the number one ranking, but he has DREAM and Wil to keep him out for the moment.
29 July 1999Wil2, 123, 561036, 870(29)I'd rather the positions were the other way around.
28 July 1999DREAM1, 25, 9996(36), 1168(3)Nice one kid.
28 July 1999dandalong15995(35)FANTASTIC score... to set a new standard for this classy level.
28 July 1999seb120545(17)Arghhh! Same score as me, but with more time!
23 July 1999cusack391157(2)Great effort by the person who worked out the major tricks to get the ball rolling on this level.
22 July 1999DREAM232553(26)Fast enough, but not enough.
22 July 1999seb1231100Congratulations Number one on my favourite level. Doh.
22 July 1999Wil1, 3, 114, 19, 70929(33), 917(41), 779(0)Not good enough on 19.
17 July 1999ari2771051(29)One more point would have been nice.
17 July 1999seb244796Shit, that's good. King of chaos continues on his merry way to and perhaps past 3rd position in the rankings.
17 July 1999Wil191172(3)That's better.
16 July 1999Phil291146(1)Close!
16 July 1999Wil19, 741147(1), 855(41)Finally. I think one more time might be possible on 74 and 9 is to be beaten.
15 July 1999lasttry14, 20, 1826, 27, 28983(24), 572(12), 823(21)Strong across the board by an up and comer.
13 July 1999DREAM231438(43)One point off optimal and I would say pretty much the best a human should be able to do.
13 July 1999dandalong212718Getting within reach of the optimal score.
12 July 1999DREAM16760(20)Another optimal score I recogn.
11 July 1999DREAM12, 4863(10), 855(31)That's just cheeky.
09 July 1999DREAM2471303(20)You're not getting it back that easily.
09 July 1999Wil116, 41, 47837(31), 961(37), 1334(21)A long time in the making for level 16.
08 July 1999dandalong12, 4, 47, 68863(10), 855(31), 1280(20), 781(35)Retroactive placings! Six weeks later these are no longer number one, although three are sort of. And how the hell do you get that score on level 2, hey son?
07 July 1999DREAM3, 110, 53706(22), 622(19)DREAM secures the number one ranking.
06 July 1999asarkila671767(36)One year later, one point more.
06 July 1999DREAM122, 47, 71997(20), 1267(19), 794(38)DREAM's back to the number one world ranking with avengence, but only by about 40 points.
06 July 1999Phil214922(32)Phil just won't give up on this one. Expect big things soon :-)
03 July 1999cusack1317790(1)Just a few more aliens away from the top.
02 July 1999asarkila427636(18)Pretty good!
01 July 1999Vault Dwel114926(30)It's even better in teamwork.
01 July 1999DREAM114926(32)That didn't last for long.
01 July 1999Wil153621(19)That's one back off seb. He now only has 12. Better still I have 21 and DREAM has 20. ari (14), Steffest (6), asarkila (3), Janne (2), Phil (2), Ghost (1).
30 June 1999DREAM114913(31)DREAM takes advantage of the recent findings.
30 June 1999Wil1471255(19)Coolies.
29 June 1999asarkila310705(22)Good stuff. I'll have to refine my method I thinks.
29 June 1999Phil152594(25)Well done. My comment earlier in the day (when he equaled the score) was I've seen Phil get 25 time, but lose his keystrokes a few 'ticks' from the end. Come on Phil - your method's kick arse. Having said that, I can't get 25 time.
28 June 1999Phil114913(31)I was impressed and it helped takes points away from others.
28 June 1999Wil2, 1, 114, 52, 68908(31), 593(24), 781(35)Don't worry DREAM, I'm not gonna lay down and die. Mind you, level 68 took a lot of work and I can't get 782 without major rework. On the other hand level 52 was pretty easy :-)
27 June 1999DREAM1, 51, 711258(15), 771(36)Doh. I just lost my #1 score logged from Austria. I guess I lost somewhat more than that.
27 June 1999DREAM1-48490

DREAM obtains the number one ranking

26 June 1999DREAM3, 251, 56705(32), 865(29)Even though the BD4 server died because I ran out of 'home' disk quota, the high scores survived to be updated (and to help reconstruct the important logs). So, the server couldn't even stop DREAM for getting that little bit closer.
25 June 1999DREAM5, 3, 1, 5, 4, 1, 149, 54, 58, 60, 63, 68, 75815(44), 1010(12), 703(15), 665(30), 986(25), 781(35), 997(25)After checking in an ominous ticket (for which the games probably won't be added to the hall of fame) DREAM plays online with clear intentions.
24 June 1999asarkila170770Not bad, but there's still room to improve.
24 June 1999DREAM152593(24)There goes Phil's number one again.
23 June 1999DREAM3, 153, 74592(19), 855(40)Level 53 is interesting thanks to seb.
21 June 1999DREAM3651365DREAM is becoming a big threat on all leve
21 June 1999seb223965Massive score. 1000 is the ultimate challenge on this level. It looks like seb will get there quicker than I did.
20 June 1999seb139, 531615, 611(19)DREAM and Wil should be worried. Really worried!
18 June 1999seb2, 126, 501030(26), 1217(19)JohnS won't be happy about that.
17 June 1999asarkila4801033(66)Congratulations to asarkila for becoming the 6th person to complete the game.
15 June 1999seb2, 167, 76575(59), 883(36)Faster, but that's not the point (level 67).
14 June 1999seb163, 75989(25), 991(24)Seems seb has his sights set on that number one position. I'm glad a few people have been fighting amongst themselves!
10 June 1999seb142, 48, 66, 68991(28), 780(31), 729(55), 781(35)[level 42] Daniel and Pax thought 22/23 time was good, 24 was possible and I thought 25 or perhaps 26.... no one mentioned 28 time! The K Man won't be happy with level 66!
09 June 1999DREAM157978(30)Ditto.
08 June 1999DREAM155961(68)I guess I'll have to do it faster!
08 June 1999dandalong4651211Just 2 points from third in this classic level.
06 June 1999DREAM168781(35)I thought 780 was optimal. I might have to play this level as a challenge now. Shit, I have no idea!
05 June 1999DREAM14, 7855(31), 852(32)Another number one. Unfortunately level 7 is optimal even though I recogn my method is better than say Steffests. I need about 3 more ticks for 853. Hmmm, maybe 853 is possible - somehow.
04 June 1999seb162, 68996(38), 780(35)Seeing in the dark elevates seb above asarkila to number 5 ranked player in the world. Also, an 'pre-optimal' score on level 68.
03 June 1999seb160667(30)Well done.
01 June 1999seb141961(37)A token number one.
31 May 1999Ghost269965(35)One point closer!
31 May 1999seb178861(1)seb goes insane with level 78. As he put it, I'm almost jumping on my chair with a stupid smile :) Can't believe I'm still alive after this completely CRAZY game... and he hopes this will last for centuries but I'm not convinced yet! Intentions have also been made for level 37 - watch out everyone!
30 May 1999Phil2471228(18)Not as fast as DREAM.
29 May 1999dandalong320484(25)A close third and a powerful score.
27 May 1999dandalong8651059Well done - the 11th person to achieve the original ultimate challenge.
26 May 1999DREAM1771052(29)Just another 500 points as DREAM looks to take back 2nd ranking.
26 May 1999Janne379915(38)Congratulations for making level 80 with a good level 79 competition score, well come back score.
26 May 1999seb178798seb ensures this number one score with a massive effort - it's in the recorded games archive if you want to admire!
25 May 1999DREAM12863(10)I eat my words! This is one of the biggest surprises.
25 May 1999Wil191100(2)The fight is on <grin>
24 May 1999DREAM191093(3)DREAM takes back level 9, but level 0 needs work and level 2 and 4 seem just out of reach.
24 May 1999Wil191096(5)The fight is on <grin>
23 May 1999DREAM2, 415, 78647(26), 556Close to taking Janne out with an impressive score on level 15. DREAM also takes on the level 78 challenge getting within 10 points of dandalong!
21 May 1999DREAM114892(33)DREAMs back with another number one.
21 May 1999seb178754(1)seb hammers the number one score with a HUGE score and claims that 800 is possible!
21 May 1999Wil14, 9855(31), 1092(5)Wahooohoohooo... today's beginning to become a pretty good day. Now this IS optimal! Also I'll make the bold statement that 862 is optimal on level 2. Hmmm, but how does DREAM get 1090 on level 9 with only 3 time left. Maybe more score is possbile...
21 May 1999Wil101273(2)Finally I manage to get back this opening number one score. It only took about 12 hours of playing this one level over several days. Time to play level 78....
20 May 1999ari15942(31)Brilliant high score for a classy level. ari's 20th number one score. Wil has 24 and falling, oh, and one on a ticket.
19 May 1999ari16, 10760(20), 709(22)How the hell did you get 709 on level 10. The K Man will be pissed off!
19 May 1999seb211796(13)Well, he's done it again!
18 May 1999Vault Dwel2311128Vault Dwellers push the bounds in teamwork mode on this chaotic level. Phil also resecured number 1 on level 33. (Vault Dwel) is Phil and Wil.
17 May 1999Cazpurrrrr944632(2)Just another massive score.
17 May 1999Ghost369964(34)She's looking good!
17 May 1999ari122, 40, 56997(20), 541(29), 866(29)Don't hold your breath, ari's in business.
17 May 1999seb711735(13)seb tries his luck and is rewarded.
15 May 1999DREAM1361017(27)... only to be taken by DREAM.
15 May 1999ari222996(20)Ouhh.. that's pretty impressive. I don't think 1000 is possible but it's a nice thought.
14 May 1999ari160667(30)Another number one stolen from seb and Steffest.
14 May 1999ari1261014(26)Ari claims another number one score ...
13 May 1999DREAM176881(36)DREAM looks to regain #2 ranking from ari.
12 May 1999DREAM166722(52)The K Man original #1 looks a little tougher these days.
11 May 1999DREAM191090(3)DREAMs in business for the number one ranking!
11 May 1999dandalong391084(2)dandalong is getting pretty serious. This day he obtained 7 top 10 scores.
11 May 1999capuccino338727(38)Great effort!
11 May 1999seb227649(18)The full high scores show the story. Looks like I've played this level quite seriously! - Wil
10 May 1999DREAM101197(6)!#?$ I thought this was mine forever. I'll be after this one!
10 May 1999ari130910(20)The "full" high scores tell the story.
09 May 1999DREAM146796(63)DREAM's number one tally reaches 12, one behind ari and two behind Steffest.
08 May 1999DREAM011250(15)Great score, but The K Man hangs on.
08 May 1999DREAM1361014(26)DREAM moves through the rankings taking asarkila and Steffest and looking towards ari and Wil.
08 May 1999ari4801018(71)


. Not only the FIFTH person to complete the game, but a huge score!
08 May 1999ari176873(36)Not ari's biggest achievment for the day.
07 May 1999DREAM3291775(28)Mammoth score. By the time left I guess you ran out of rocks/potential! 2000 is the challenge.
06 May 1999ari143908(38)Just another number one in the scheme of things.
05 May 1999ari214891(33)Close!
02 May 1999Cazpurrrrr561684(12)Great score, but not quite perfect.
01 May 1999DREAM5651142DREAM completes the traditional ultimate bd4 challange, although I think he's a little more concerned about his ranking improvement at the moment.
28 April 1999DREAM168, 69780(35), 966(35)I believe 780 is optimal but am very curious about the 'three' methods which have obtained this score. As for level 69 I'm damned if I know how you get such scores on this level!
27 April 1999DREAM119, 47918(41), 1240(19)Two more number one scores, clearly beating second place on both occasions.
26 April 1999dandalong10-10586dandalong becomes the 10th ranked player.
26 April 1999dandalong14854(31)dandalong's first real number one score. Well done. Wil has 27, Steffest 16, ari 15, DREAM 9, asarkila 4, seb 4, Janne 2, dandalong 2 and singles are with The K Man, durand, JohnS, Ghost and Phil.
26 April 1999Janne217881(2)Well done. You used all the rocks! Now it's just a matter of time!
26 April 1999ari149816(45)I guess you must just run this level!?#%#!?
25 April 1999ari162, 69, 79996(38), 965(35), 915(51)Just another three number one scores for the day! seb and ari seems to be taking each other out. Maybe I will be safe after all!
25 April 1999ari142991(28)The K Man drops from 1 to 4, quite quickly I might add!
25 April 1999ari135763(27)There goes one of my UK number ones.
24 April 1999DREAM128972(30)DREAM captures another number one.
23 April 1999seb3731131Not good enough to beat durand, but classy none the less. Well, the next day it was!
22 April 1999DREAM323711(0)With this score and general all round performance after relatively little experience with BD4 (levels) I'm beginning to thing DREAM is a potential for number one ranking! I guess he should be trying to beat me whereever possible.
22 April 1999seb373891Not good enough to beat durand, but classy none the less. Well, the next day it was!
21 April 1999DREAM224376(35)Pretty good.
21 April 1999DREAM176872(35)That's damn fast! Back to number 5 in the rankings.
21 April 1999Janne317870(1)You missed a cookie! Great score though.
19 April 1999seb170767(0)There goes another number 1 score as seb regains 5th ranking!
17 April 1999DREAM2131739(24)The competition on level 13 intensifies.
15 April 1999DREAM152593(24)Sorry Phil, but that game I saw you lose a tick of two and just fail to get 25 time has finally cost you this number 1 position. If only you hadn't fumbled this would still be yours!
15 April 1999Janne115648(34)That's a damn good score.
14 April 1999Janne161708(44)That's damn fast! This score looks like it's staying number 1 for a while!
13 April 1999DREAM137, 48786(19), 779(31)Wow! Level 37 was a pretty tough one to beat, well I thought so anyway.
12 April 1999cusack520455(30)Good stuff!
12 April 1999DREAM14854(31)DREAM's real debut number 1 score.
06 April 1999DREAM10-10594Massive congratulations to DREAM for becoming one of the top 10 ranked players.
06 April 1999Janne161708(30)Absolutely kick arse score by Janne. A worthy debut number one!
06 April 1999bosna-180-Congratulation to bosna for getting to level 80 in a record 772 games!
05 April 1999seb160667(30)Slowly but surely seb heads for world domination!
01 April 1999DREAM612625(28)Good score this one!
31 March 1999Janne227641(17)Good stuff.
31 March 1999bosna-1--Well done to bosna for sending me some Linux sound source code to help push start sound for the Linux version. Also for getting to level 72 in just 613 games!
31 March 1999seb155951(66)Making it 5 number 1 scores! Also 2nd place on level 54 (1010) and a little bad luck.
26 March 1999dandalong2131660(24)... and to an acquaintance of DREAM for taking on the challenge.
26 March 1999seb255938(69)seb highlights the ease of getting number 2 on level 55 - now who's gonna beat him <grin>
25 March 1999seb149816(45)seb closes in on The K Man.
24 March 1999DREAM3131640(24)Well done DREAM for breaking the trend.
22 March 1999seb166713(50)seb bridges the gap to The K Man by over 1200 points on one level!
20 March 1999durand168780(35)Well done. I'll call that the optimal score until someone proves otherwise!
19 March 1999ClaireNWil4651008(38)ClaireNWil achieve the ultimate challange score on level 65, a slightly easier task with two players but still satisfying.
18 March 1999ari166702(55)No comment.
17 March 1999Ghost171789(38)Ghost joins Phil, The K Man and durand with 2 high scores. seb has 3, asarkila 5, ari 11, Steffest 19 and Wil 33 (and falling). Oh JohnS has 1 and so does snork and Vault Dwel in teamwork. Let's ignore level 64 shall we.
17 March 1999seb168779(34)This seems to be a popular level all of a sudden.
17 March 1999seb119915(40)Just 20 minutes into the day and we've got a number one score already! Watch out The K Man.
16 March 1999ari2-40040Ari becomes the number 2 ranked player in the world.
16 March 1999Wil1231012And my hands are still trembling! Finally 1000 points. Check the recording - I was going for it and paused, looked up to see 'Score:0999' and 'Time: 01'.... luckily there was about half a time left.
15 March 1999cusack661622(15)Great score. Seems cusack's pushing for a place in the top 10!
14 March 1999DREAM520452(36)Another player to watch out for!
14 March 1999Ghost169961(34)Congratulations go to Ghost for her first number 1 score! An on the day she had two :-)
13 March 1999durand2291816Close, close, now even closer!
10 March 1999Ghost268778(34)I'd be thinking there are quite a few methods getting this same score.
10 March 1999Janne25905(28)Well done. A quality score.
10 March 1999ari151727(33)Hey, I was proud of that score. Looks like I'll have to rethink my method.
10 March 1999Wil123967That 1000 point challange is getting closer! Pity I hadn't exited since I was right there when I ran out of time.
10 March 1999 -1-3927The BD4 server recorded a record number of games log for this day. With some games played offline still to be added we may yet make 4000 games for this day!
09 March 1999ari174, 76, 77855(40), 861(34), 1051(29)Massive destruction in the 70s as ari takes out three number 1 scores in a day.
09 March 1999durand2291741My challange is to get 2000. Maybe I won't be the first to get there after all!
08 March 1999ari2541009(12)If you beat me there it's yours! That score took me one weekend of 6500 very fast games. No wonder my games played is so high!
08 March 1999ari251700(29)Speed kills <grin>. Well done!
08 March 1999Steffest9651013(30)Steffest completes the ULTIMATE challenge.
08 March 1999Steffest2-41193Steffest moves above asarkila, into the number 2 ranked player in the world. The question is will he go all the way?
08 March 1999Steffest116, 36837, 1013Another two number 1 scores!
07 March 1999ari262994(37)Just a tad too slow.
06 March 1999ari171783(37)Taken from Wil.
06 March 1999ari134685(37)Maybe this score is optimal? It would be interesting to see if (on such a complex level) all methods are the same!
04 March 1999Vault Dwel1231050Watch out PKWA, just 80 scores to go!
04 March 1999ari1771049(28)Seems ari's taking on the mighty Steffest.
04 March 1999seb212712Clearly second.
04 March 1999seb142991(28)Congratulation to seb for completing his personal challenge which was to get 15000 ranking points within 3000 games. It's been looking pretty grim with only 10 or 20 games left, but he managed to do it, now sitting on 15265 ranking points after exactly 3000 games.
04 March 1999Steffest156, 63865(29), 987(25)The art of equaling high scores!
04 March 1999Steffest1771051(29)Well that didn't last long. (level 77)
03 March 1999durand2291510And with rocks to spare!
03 March 1999Steffest175991(24)Just in case ari thought he was on a free ride to number 3, think again!
03 March 1999Steffest174855(40)And one of my scores to go with it.
03 March 1999Steffest130910(20)Taken back of ari.
02 March 1999Steffest1771049(28)Steffest's back. And unfortunately he takes "cookaes' last numebr 1 (and the last number one held by one of the gang from 1997 :-[ ).
01 March 1999JohnS312645(6)Two gems off second.
28 February 1999seb323696The competitions getting tougher.
27 February 1999Ghost4651213Bigger and better.
26 February 1999ari244756(5)Fantastic score.
26 February 1999ari175991(24)But did he use the tube?
26 February 1999ari145696(45)It was fun while he was taking other people's score!
25 February 1999ari130904(30)ari closes in on Steffest.
24 February 1999JohnS1501174(14)Concisely put, I claim my cigar. - JohnS
24 February 1999ari1471222(18)ari takes on The K Man's challenge. Number 2 on level 9 too.
23 February 1999seb2651445Hug, huge score. Number 2 in the full high scores!
22 February 1999durand223784Brilliant.
22 February 1999The K Man1471213(18)Looks like ari has a battle to win here. The K Man holds onto FIVE number 1 scores!
22 February 1999The K Man110707Doh, I lose another number 1 score.
21 February 1999cusack301024(12)Great score and another completed challenge.
20 February 1999durand162995(38).
20 February 1999durand142991(28)The battle continues!
19 February 1999JohnS2501146(18)Close, but no cigar.
19 February 1999durand149816(45)You've got me stumpted with this level.
18 February 1999Janne212652Slime, or no slime, that is the question.
18 February 1999seb2391482(1)seb is a guy who doesn't believe in failure :-)
18 February 1999seb142990(27)Welcome seb to the players with number 1 scores.
17 February 1999Ghost2291459(3)Kick arse score on level 44 today too!
17 February 1999ari169961(34)Heading for number 1?
17 February 1999ari1471172(17)Maybe.
17 February 1999ari115644(36)Need I say more.
17 February 1999The K Man211251(15)Close! And I'm glad, I'd have to go back to Austria to beat that one!
16 February 1999ari163987(25)Yet another number 1, where will this end?
16 February 1999seb278643F@#king hell (excuse my french). I must say I'm impressed by this one!
15 February 1999JohnS278466Pretty good.
15 February 19996664651119(3)The 8th player to perform the ultimate BD4 challenge (and the 4th this year!).
14 February 1999ari146796(63)Another number 1 score!
14 February 1999durand9-11779Welcome durand to the top 10 ranked players.
14 February 1999 11-11558Pax, former clearly number 2 in the world has dropped out of the top 10 ranked player. Well done to everyone.
13 February 1999ari172879(37)Goodbye to another score by Steffest.
13 February 1999durand142989(26)durand's second number 1 score. Well done.
12 February 1999ari278428And also with 13 other top 10 scores for the day, including two number 2 scores. Watch out everyone!
12 February 1999durand2731123Beating the old second place by about 500 points!
11 February 1999ari222995(20)And ari takes The K Man in the rankings.
11 February 1999The K Man191089(4)Who's this sneaky guy playing offline?
10 February 1999Janne224365(8)Interesting level.
09 February 1999Phil133673(34)Phil gets his second number one score, denting Steffest and asarkila (and me) just that little bit more. Well done Phil. some damn fine scores on the chaotic levels (e.g. 12)
03 February 1999JohnS10-11086Well done to JohnS for getting into the top 10 ranked players (and with some damn fine scores on the chaotic levels (e.g. 12)
01 February 1999durand168779(34)Congratulations, but 780 is possible (cookae, pac, matty, Rich and Wil proved this but noone managed to perform it - I think 780 is 'optimal'.)
01 February 1999Wil1732001Finally broke 2000 points on level 73.
31 January 1999ari235752(23)Good score.
31 January 1999seb9-11389Joined the top 10 ranked players.
31 January 1999seb4651080The ULTIMATE challenge.
30 January 1999JohnS191082Obtained number 1 on level 9.
30 January 1999The K Man116835(30)Keith's 4th number 1 score.
26 January 1999PKWA1231035Obtained 1000 points on level 23 teamwork. BeOS sound helps for feedback and focus :-)
22 January 1999durand2651177(1)A good way to complete the ULTIMATE challenge.
20 January 1999JohnS312622Just a good score on a classy level.
19 January 1999Janne217866Well done.
17 January 1999snork1804690Completed level 80 teamwork.
14 January 1999Janne2771047(27)Good effort.
14 January 19996663651064(8)The ULTIMATE challenge.
10 January 1999Ghost2651138(24)A good way to complete the ULTIMATE challenge, but to be beaten :-)
10 January 1999Ghost220488(37)Brilliant!
06 January 1999Wil111847Was too lucky on level 11 and hammered the top score!
05 January 1999ari5-17616Entered the top 10 ranked players early this month.
04 January 1999Ghost7-13353Entered the top 10 ranked players early this month.
18 December 1998cusack191070Obtained number 1 on level 9 with a new method to make everyone else think again!