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     Wil is back!!
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Fri Aug 12, 2005 6:08 am   Post subject: Wil is back!! Not logged in.

Nice job Wil :

I hope this ticket-playing is not here to stay. I find it a little ... Well, I'm sure you both have your reasons. Great scores anyway, I propably have to get back to the drawing table.

Australia (WA)Wil

Single Player

Mon Aug 15, 2005 6:05 am   Post subject: Not logged in.

Yeah... after crediting games with ticks historically it appeared that I had not been number one since 2000.... and with the recent play I formulated a battle plan about 2-3 months ago which I've recently started executing. It clearly targetted asarkila (hence taking him below seb!). The idea here was to get to number one again - and soon - since it was clear that holding off for much longer may make it impossible (as levels got beyond my grasp).

In terms of tickets, I generally play a combination of on-line and off-line. I usually (and will continue to) play off-line at home and check in the ticket after a day or two. This is practical and fair for all. On this occasion I played both but didn't bother to check the ticket in. And I'm glad! It only took asarkila a weekend to stamp his dominance on me again. I did check the ticket in a few days before it expired and with 400 or so games left (it contained almost 600 games).

And the battle plan you ask! Well, I still have at least 20 levels which I can clear improve. I expect the next to be level 14, but am still refining the the method. Other levels I plan to formulate good methods that rely less on luck. Level 21 does suck and even though I got top I did lose a few ticks during the level after I'd got past the crazy luck parts - and do you wait a tick at the start or not? (waiting changes the flow of yams, moving or grabbing is the same).

One thing that does suck is that I lost a hard drive so don't have any recordings of games I played a few years ago. I do know that my method for level 34 had much improvment in it but I'll now have to start from scratch... I do have the hard drive so there is always the option of data recovery!

I hope to see seb take some points back, but would prefer to see his movements in the Jungle! :