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     The crystal wall - level 31
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Thu Jun 23, 2005 10:07 am   Post subject: The crystal wall - level 31 Not logged in.

Hi Seb,
DARN - I can't believe you worked out a faster method! :

7 years ago, after a week of non stop playing, I though I had this level for LIFE, but now I'm back to square one ...

Well, Im not really into the other levelsets, but this level of homelands ... I'll start planning my offensive right away :

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Thu Jun 23, 2005 6:27 pm   Post subject: Crystal wall Not logged in.

Hi Steffest,
Nice to see that you're still around. You've noticed that I triggered some strong activity this year in Homeland, and I'm proud I could get #1 ranking for... well only a few days because asarkila reacted promptly and made a big big difference, focusing on top scores in many levels.
I don't have time to compete seriously anymore, but as you say, one day... maybe one day...
For level 31, I played it also a lot. I had no idea how it could be done so fast at first, and with the extra ticks Wil introduced for old games, that was even more puzzling. But little improvement after little improvement, I came to something I consider optimal. The good point in this level is that there is relatively little luck involved.
But there have been many changes in the high scores recently, and competition is always good. I guess that after a little training, you might come back quickly to the top of Homeland's rankings.
Enjoy !