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     Little Pet Peeves...
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Wed May 11, 2005 1:05 pm   Post subject: Little Pet Peeves... Not logged in.

So alas I finished the evil level 29 (though this is because I just moved again and because I work full time....I haven't put a lot of time into bd4 lately...) and I thought that by some miracle chance I would finally get somewhere. With that I successfully complete level 30. "Ahh I'm on a roll" I think to myself. Now I'm faced with level 31 and diving head first into the level I run away from the green stuff and think that I am home free on this level only to find MY EXIT IS BLOCKED BY AN INVISIBLE WALL grr : So then I gain a little bit of intelligence(having been sick for the last week) and actually look at the level. Call me crazy but the other exits are blocked too!!!! Now how in the hell am I supposed to do that with green stuff? Any of you thousand pointer ppl have a suggestion I could use? Jagtress. :

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Thu May 12, 2005 8:27 am   Post subject: Not logged in.

What do you do when someone/something is blocking your way ? You blow it away, not recommended in real life though.

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Sat May 14, 2005 2:50 pm   Post subject: Not logged in.

Indeed asarkila you are correct...when in doubt blow &**& up but, (isn't there always a but) analysing the level, you can't blow up the yam with the rock because the wall is in the way. You can't use the bomb at the bottom of the level because well it can't really go anywhere useful. The only thing possible is to use the rock on the alien but there really wouldn't be enough time to do the set up to get him to the exit... and then blow him up without dying by the green stuff.... Unless the creator was absolutely mad!!! : : Jagtress. :