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     AFL site down again - sites?
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Australia (WA)Wil

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Tue Mar 29, 2005 1:30 am   Post subject: AFL site down again - sites? Not logged in.

I didn't know who was playing on Monday (I knew it was Collingwood) so I figured I have a look. Since I didn't have fixtures on my site I was force to use another. Ok, it's a bad habit using the AFL site : but I hadn't been there for a long time so wanted to see what it looked like.

It was down. Yep, dead as, 404s, DNS issues, page not found. I figured in 1996 is was embarrassing that the site had numerous errors (inconsistent scores, incorrect scores and an inconsistent ladder), was bloated (full of ads and very large badly written html), etc and this was bad enough. In more recent years I'd expected the site to have completely got over these issues.

So, I found the games, results and ladder on the age web site. This poses the question, now that Wil's Footy site is going to be less well maintained where should we go for quick, simple and to the point results without all the colourful crap (and without endoursing the AFL's site). :