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Wed Apr 28, 2004 7:31 pm   Post subject: Thought... Not logged in.

Hey Guys, I have finished all of the Tropical level set and loved playing it. Now I want to go back and get a higher score on my levels to see if I can't do any of the challenges. I thought maybe you could have it set up so that you can see how many points you obtained after redoing the levels. Anyways, it was a thought. Jagtress.
Australia (WA)Wil

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Thu Apr 29, 2004 6:33 am   Post subject: Not logged in.

Hmmm, I'm not sure exactly what you are after. You can obviously keep a note of the score you had at level 80 and then work it out yourself. Of course you can go up and down, especially when a level set is fairly new. Also there are the in game keys to help see where you currently are on a level (F8) and a summary of the high scores (F12). These with the high scores, ranking with histories (ie coloured based on movements), score profiles and top score summaries give "enough" information. :

Okay, there is one feature that you may want to know about (which I just reaslised was not published). You can (as of the colouring in the rankings) get the rankings as they were every 6 hours (subject to regeneration based on tickets and games out of order). You need to add an "&X=10000' where the number is measured from 1997 when the server first started recording games! As an example http://bd4.amristar.com.au/rank.phtml?&g=7&a=rank&X=10310

This is probably all you need.... and a record of when you first got through level 80 (from it's full high scores or you local recorded games (autorec directory)). I will add a selection to make this page more user friends. In the meantime I'm adding other pages but have little time and spend most bd4 time trying to get 1000 pointers : :


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Thu Apr 29, 2004 10:30 am   Post subject: Not logged in.

You are probably right about having enough in the F keys to tell me what is going on. What I was trying to say was is there a way that you can see your score(like for the 1000 pointers) of how many more points you have collected to reach the 1000 point goal. So if I have only 500 points for level 5(just as an example) obviously I need another 500 to get the 1000 points but when I redo a level, I don't necessarily remember how many points I already have. That's all I was saying. Anyways I will fiddle more with the F keys and see if I can't figure stuff out : As usual, thanks again for your genius ideas Wil. Jagtress.