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     Configurable keys
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Australia (Qld)DREAM

Single Player

Fri Feb 6, 2004 2:24 am   Post subject: Configurable keys Not logged in.

any chance of getting configurable keys, as the page up and down button on my laptop is right next to the arrow keys, one tap and i loose a game.....also what about joystick/pad while we are at it...any chance of that....;) plus when i start teamwork up DREAMTEAM would like configurable keys for that.......
Australia (WA)Wil

Single Player

Fri Feb 6, 2004 3:24 am   Post subject: Not logged in.

Trust me it's on the list already. I expect to release a new version Monday (given all goes well). I would do it now but my old laptop hard drive failed .... and the final build depends on a "deb" user and some other system setups that got lost. I'm off on a rogaine this weekend so won't be around ... hence best not to make a major change. I have changed forest to swap levels 15 and 55 but people will need the new version. It'll be interesting to see what goes wrong :)

Keys will be able to be changed in a config file. With various OSes, etc this is not actually as easy as it sounds.