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BD4 FAQ / versions / summary

Summary of ALL game versions

PlatformIDLatest VersionServer SupportPlayableSound SupportMaintenence/SupportNotes
UNIX/X06.xx5.xx and lateryesno Well maintained, but not changing. The first and probably the smoothest version. Has all game features and options except sound.
Java1002.xxNot sure.yesno Well maintained sometimes! Speed depends on Java virtual machine/browser. Does not support recorded game, new objects, different level sets and a few other things.
PC/Windows10002.xx1.xx and lateryesno On hold. Supports most things, but not level sets other than the defaul levels and the level editor levels. Does support new objects and recorded games.
BeOS20000.xxAllyesyes Well maintained, changing. Very smooth version with full options.
Playstation--noyesno Not maintained. Hacked out one hung over saturday. Complete and working without network support and requires a 'blue' (I think) developer kit. It was nice playing on a teli with a playstation controller and scrolling :-)
Amiga--nonono Not maintained. Compiled and ran fine but I couldn't be bothered writing another interface since it wasn't worth my time.
Text---nono Maintained. Version without input/output. This is basically the X version with the X stuff removed. It is useful for playing back recorded games (to check consistency quickly. I might make a 'cursors' version for ANSII terminals if I get around to it :-)