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BD4 FAQ / offline / simple_windows

Just a message from someone and my simple reply. This should help people playing using the Windows version to get started at playing offline.

Note: You can also create your player from the offline tools page.

From williams@ee.uwa.edu.au Sat Jul  3 12:02:33 1999
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 12:02:21 +0800 (WST)
From: "Wil (Paul Williams)" 
To: Sonja Catry 
Cc: "Paul S Williams (Wil)" 
Subject: Re: tickets


I worked out this:
- You have played online so you are not behind a firewall.
- You play the Windows version.
- You got a high score on level 6 :-)

To play online simple pree "okay" to the starting message.
To play offline press 'cancel' and do the following:

- Make sure you're online.
- Press "Ticket Manager" (from memory. This is where the new player button
   is when you're playing online).
- Put in the names and password of the players you want to be able to play
   offline. For example Sonja and Timothy (and a teamwork play if you
- You then press "Checout" to get a ticket. After a short while it will
   provide some sort of message.

Now you have a ticket. You can 'go offline'. To play load the game,
pressing 'Cancel' to play offline, then press "Load Player" as you would
if you were playing online. This will load the player from the ticket. You
can now play. Note that there is an error (which I haven't got around to
fixing) in the PC version which means your player will not load correctly
- they will be on the level they were when the ticket was checked out.
Hence, you'll need to start again from this level or else check the ticket
in, wait for it to be processed (use the status button in the ticket
manager) and check a new ticket out.

So, to check the ticket in:
- Go online.
- Get to the "titcket manager"
- Press "Check in".
- Wait for a while. The process is batched and might take a minute before
   processing beginsw (whcih should be very fast unless you have many
   games on the ticket)
- Put in the names and passwords again.
- Press "Status" to see how things are going. If it says you have no
   tickets out then it has been checked in okay.
- You can not press "Check out" to get another ticket.

Obviously you need to be online to check in and out tickets and check your
ticket status, as well as to check the high scores.

This should make more sense,

Good luck in the game and sorry about "the ticket bug",


On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, Sonja Catry wrote:

> Hi Wil,
> thanks for your message, although there were still some bits I didn't 
> understand. It's not your fault. It's just that I don't understand a lot 
> about tickets checking in and out and an other thing is that I don't speak 
> English.
> I think that you want me to send you those tickets, so I attached them. It 
> would have been better if I had read your message twice, because now I 
> checked out a new ticket again. This doesn't work either. So can you help me 
> out here?
> What do I have to do first? Check in or out? And when my ticket is empty? 
> Than what?
> Sorry for all those questions, but I think it's a great game and I just want 
> to play it again as soon as possible.
> Thank you,
> Sonja
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