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BD4 Hall of Fame

This page provides a log of all remarkable or just good performances since the beginning of 1999. Sorry to those things perfromed before then - if they're really good they'll be on the BD4 news page (e.g. asarkila, Steffest, durand and seb).

Date Player Position Level Score/Points Achievement or comment
28th Sep 1999Wil12 863(10) Finally, finally, finally, I get that extra point on level 2. I wonder if I'm using the same method - maybe more points are possible?
5 Sep 1999Janne51 1226(12) Janne enters the level 1 challenge,
24th Sep 1999DREAM680 1086(61) DREAM becomes the 8th person to complete the game. Talk about teamwork with dandalong!

7 of these 8 are ranked in the top 7, durand's the other. Just some extra trivia.

24th Sep 1999dandalong680 1003(65) Congratulations, dandalong becomes the 7th person to complete the game.
24th Sep 1999Janne145 719(32) Janne takes back level 45.
24th Sep 1999seb123 1161 Seb sets the challenge. Well, sets it higher!
23rd Sep 1999seb162 1004(39) Huge score, but how long will it last?
23rd Sep 1999ari135,42,62,69 763(27),993(30),1003(62),969(35) Ari takes three 'equal' top scores, and cracks 1000 on level 62.
22nd Sep 1999dandalong135 763(27) Equals Wil's score from the UK - Doh.
22nd Sep 1999ejlo922
984(17) Welcome to the hall of fame.
21st Sep 1999DREAM169 969(35) Quite a margin, but ari will equal you <smile>
21st Sep 1999DREAM116 837(31) DREAM Steals myoptimal score.
20th Sep 1999ari238 726(37) A little too slow.
19th Sep 1999Janne6,1244,65 707,1013 Weel done. 1000 points on level 65 - the original ultimate challenge.
16th Sep 1999seb178 951 1000 is possible, but any score over 900 is inhuman! I stand in awe, unable to get anywhere near this score.
15th Sep 1999ari133,71 674(34),795(38) Phil's long standing number one score goes down.
14th Sep 1999Ghost961 647(33) Claiming back 9th ranking.
14th Sep 1999dandalong6,8,525,26,27 880(43),1014(25),636(18) Dandalong takes a firm hold on 5th place.
14th Sep 1999ari1,4,453,71,78 631(19),787(37),643 Damn fast high score. Also a massive score for level 78, but not quite up to seb's standard.
13th Sep 1999Janne844 687 Janne takes on Ghost (and The K Man) in the rankings.
13th Sep 1999ari1,2,5,43,32,53,71 798(12),726(37),597(19),787(37) Again ari looks for the number one ranking!
12th Sep 1999ari1,274,75 855(42),992(24) That must be optimal for level 74. You're the first, well done.
10th Sep 1999dandalong465 1347 Fantastic score!
9th Sep 1999Ghost169 966(35) Back with avengence with a debut number one score. Well done.
9th Sep 1999ari1,4,2,21,26,27,32 1270(17),1026(26),667(20),555(27) Great score for level 27! Quick score for level 32. Brilliant level 1 - looks like my Austrian score might have to be beaten after all!
8th Sep 1999ari163 990(25) How! This is damn fast!
7th Sep 1999Janne259 665(29) An interesting set of scores!
7th Sep 1999ari156 871(29) Bye Phil!
6th Sep 1999ari5,1,39,48,66 1090(4),780(31),721(60) Optimal 48 :-)
6th Sep 1999Wil3,15,9 956(32),1176(4) That's a little quicker (level 9)! But how do you go so quickly on level 5!!?
5th Sep 1999DREAM19 1175(3) That's pretty quick!
5th Sep 1999ari177 1053(30) That'll sort out Wil and DREAM!
3rd Sep 1999Ghost91 983(10) Interesting, just short of 1000.
3rd Sep 1999ari116,43 837(31),911(37) Top place isn't too far away!?
2nd Sep 1999Janne357 958(25) Good score.
2nd Sep 1999DREAM177 1052(29) Now that's just cheeky!
2nd Sep 1999Wil1,2,2,19,28,31,77 1175(3),967(30),438(43),1052(29) Back to number one for a day or two.
1st Sep 1999DREAM1,249,50 816(45),1204(14) DREAM takes a commanding 2500 point lead in the rankings.
31st Aug 1999Janne10- 9590 Welcome to the top 10 ranked players. Well done.
31st Aug 1999Janne3,4,55,55,58 954(31),920(64),693(18) Pretty good. That level 5 is starting to look scary - maybe 1000 is possible in singles (not only in teamwork!).
31st Aug 1999DREAM19 1175(3) Grrrr.
30th Aug 1999Lani920 453(21) Brilliant score for a relatively inexperienced player.
30th Aug 1999Janne45 947(31) Another quality score comes in.
28th Aug 1999Wil140 541(29) Thanks to DREAM for pointing out that I wasn't in the hunt for this level. My move from 7th to 1st gains me 800 points and costs DREAM 300. Looks like I'm number one in the world again - at least for a few hours!
27th Aug 1999DREAM242 991(28) With 2 other #3 scores and a #5 this secures the number one ranking quite nicely.
25th Aug 1999Wil118,53,55 787(12),626(19),974(64) Yes, I really do want number one ranking back.
24th Aug 1999Phil156 871(29) Now that is pretty good!
24th Aug 1999DREAM3,13,20 792(12),562(26) Killer score to settle the differences. Seems DREAM is keen to clearly and convincently hold the number one ranking.
23rd Aug 1999DREAM118 781(12) Equalled again. I'll have to do better next time.
21st Aug 1999seb178 942 BIG Big big score. Any chance of a recording to scare the masses?
20th Aug 1999DREAM174 855(41) xxx
18th Aug 1999Wil143 910(37) Your turn DREAM.
17th Aug 1999Wil1,218,33 781(12),673(34) Fighting for number one ranking!
12th Aug 1999ari117,62 889(10),997(38) Fighting for position #3 in the rankings. Two brilliant scores.
10th Aug 1999dandalong178 840 FANTASTIC score. Shit, that means seb might try to do better!
9th Aug 1999DREAM143 910(37) Well done - I never thought of that. Pity for you the score/time combination gives away the method.
9th Aug 1999seb119 918(41) There's that extra point which eludes me.
8th Aug 1999Wil125 898(34) DREAM seems to have me beaten. This is one of my final marked levels - it's gonna be tough from here.
5th Aug 1999Wil142 993(30) That's as fast as I can do it.
5th Aug 1999DREAM160 667(30) Another one.
4th Aug 1999dandalong229 2160 What would have been number one yesterday. Another biggy.
3rd Aug 1999seb129 2279 Massive score. In fact the highest score for any singles level.
29th Jul 1999cusack750 1049 Good stuff.
29th Jul 1999seb170 985(9) That's a serious score. seb looks good enough to hold the number one ranking, but he has DREAM and Wil to keep him out for the moment.
29th Jul 1999Wil2,123,56 1036,870(29) I'd rather the positions were the other way around.
28th Jul 1999seb120 545(17) Arghhh! Same score as me, but with more time!
28th Jul 1999DREAM1,25,9 996(36),1168(3) Nice one kid.
28th Jul 1999dandalong15 995(35) FANTASTIC score... to set a new standard for this classy level.
23rd Jul 1999cusack39 1157(2) Great effort by the person who worked out the major tricks to get the ball rolling on this level.
22nd Jul 1999DREAM232 553(26) Fast enough, but not enough.
22nd Jul 1999seb123 1100 Congratulations Number one on my favourite level. Doh.
22nd Jul 1999Wil1,3,114,19,70 929(33),917(41),779(0) Not good enough on 19.
17th Jul 1999seb244 796 Shit, that's good. King of chaos continues on his merry way to and perhaps past 3rd position in the rankings.
17th Jul 1999ari277 1051(29) One more point would have been nice.
17th Jul 1999Wil19 1172(3) That's better.
16th Jul 1999Phil29 1146(1) Close!
16th Jul 1999Wil19,74 1147(1),855(41) Finally. I think one more time might be possible on 74 and 9 is to be beaten.
15th Jul 1999lasttry1326,27,28 983(24),572(12),823(21) Strong across the board by an up and comer.
13th Jul 1999DREAM231 438(43) One point off optimal and I would say pretty much the best a human should be able to do.
13th Jul 1999dandalong212 718 Getting within reach of the optimal score.
12th Jul 1999DREAM16 760(20) Another optimal score I recogn.
11th Jul 1999DREAM12,4 863(10),855(31) That's just cheeky.
9th Jul 1999DREAM247 1303(20) You're not getting it back that easily.
9th Jul 1999Wil116,41,47 837(31),961(37),1334(21) A long time in the making for level 16.
8th Jul 1999dandalong12,4,47,68 863(10),855(31),1280(20),781(35) Retroactive placings! Six weeks later these are no longer number one, although three are sort of. And how the hell do you get that score on level 2, hey son?
7th Jul 1999DREAM3,110,53 706(22),622(19) DREAM secures the number one ranking.
6th Jul 1999Phil214 922(32) Phil just won't give up on this one. Expect big things soon :-)
6th Jul 1999DREAM122,47,71 997(20), 1267(19), 794(38) DREAM's back to the number one world ranking with avengence, but only by about 40 points.
6th Jul 1999asarkila671 767(36) One year later, one point more.
3rd Jul 1999cusack1317 790(1) Just a few more aliens away from the top.
2nd Jul 1999asarkila427 636(18) Pretty good!
1st Jul 1999DREAM114 926(32) That didn't last for long.
1st Jul 1999Vault Dwel114 926(30) It's even better in teamwork.
1st Jul 1999Wil153 621(19) That's one back off seb. He now only has 12. Better still I have 21 and DREAM has 20. ari (14), Steffest (6), asarkila (3), Janne (2), Phil (2), Ghost (1).
30th Jun 1999DREAM114 913(31) DREAM takes advantage of the recent findings.
30th Jun 1999Wil147 1255(19) Coolies.
29th Jun 1999asarkila310 705(22) Good stuff. I'll have to refine my method I thinks.
29th Jun 1999Phil152 594(25) Well done. My comment earlier in the day (when he equaled the score) was I've seen Phil get 25 time, but lose his keystrokes a few 'ticks' from the end. Come on Phil - your method's kick arse. Having said that, I can't get 25 time.
28th Jun 1999Wil2,1,114,52,68 908(31),593(24),781(35) Don't worry DREAM, I'm not gonna lay down and die. Mind you, level 68 took a lot of work and I can't get 782 without major rework. On the other hand level 52 was pretty easy :-)
28th Jun 1999Phil114 913(31) I was impressed and it helped takes points away from others.
27th Jun 1999DREAM1- 48490

DREAM obtains the number one ranking

27th Jun 1999DREAM1,51,71 1258(15),771(36) Doh. I just lost my #1 score logged from Austria. I guess I lost somewhat more than that.
26th Jun 1999DREAM3,251,56 705(32), 865(29) Even though the BD4 server died because I ran out of 'home' disk quota, the high scores survived to be updated (and to help reconstruct the important logs). So, the server couldn't even stop DREAM for getting that little bit closer.
25th Jun 1999DREAM5, 3, 1, 5, 4, 1, 1 49, 54, 58, 60, 63, 68, 75 815(44), 1010(12), 703(15), 665(30), 986(25), 781(35), 997(25) After checking in an ominous ticket (for which the games probably won't be added to the hall of fame) DREAM plays online with clear intentions.
24th Jun 1999asarkila170 770 Not bad, but there's still room to improve.
24th Jun 1999DREAM152 593(24) There goes Phil's number one again.
23rd Jun 1999DREAM3,153,74 592(19),855(40) Level 53 is interesting thanks to seb.
21st Jun 1999seb223 965 Massive score. 1000 is the ultimate challenge on this level. It looks like seb will get there quicker than I did.
21st Jun 1999DREAM365 1365 DREAM is becoming a big threat on all leve
20th Jun 1999seb139,53 1615,611(19) DREAM and Wil should be worried. Really worried!
18th Jun 1999seb2,126,50 1030(26),1217(19) JohnS won't be happy about that.
17th Jun 1999asarkila480 1033(66) Congratulations to asarkila for becoming the 6th person to complete the game.
15th Jun 1999seb2,167,76 575(59), 883(36) Faster, but that's not the point (level 67).
14th Jun 1999seb163,75 989(25), 991(24) Seems seb has his sights set on that number one position. I'm glad a few people have been fighting amongst themselves!
10th Jun 1999seb142,48,66,68 991(28), 780(31), 729(55), 781(35) [level 42] Daniel and Pax thought 22/23 time was good, 24 was possible and I thought 25 or perhaps 26.... no one mentioned 28 time! The K Man won't be happy with level 66!
9th Jun 1999DREAM157 978(30) Ditto.
8th Jun 1999dangalong465 1211 Just 2 points from third in this classic level.
8th Jun 1999DREAM155 961(68) I guess I'll have to do it faster!
6th Jun 1999DREAM168 781(35) I thought 780 was optimal. I might have to play this level as a challenge now. Shit, I have no idea!
5th Jun 1999DREAM14,7 855(31),852(32) Another number one. Unfortunately level 7 is optimal even though I recogn my method is better than say Steffests. I need about 3 more ticks for 853. Hmmm, maybe 853 is possible - somehow.
4th Jun 1999seb1,162,68 996(38),780(35) Seeing in the dark elevates seb above asarkila to number 5 ranked player in the world. Also, an 'pre-optimal' score on level 68.
3rd Jun 1999seb160 667(30) Well done.
1st Jun 1999seb141 961(37) A token number one.
31st May 1999seb178 861(1) seb goes insane with level 78. As he put it, I'm almost jumping on my chair with a stupid smile :) Can't believe I'm still alive after this completely CRAZY game... and he hopes this will last for centuries but I'm not convinced yet! Intentions have also been made for level 37 - watch out everyone!
31st May 1999Ghost269 965(35) One point closer!
30th May 1999Phil247 1228(18) Not as fast as DREAM.
29th May 1999dandalong320 484(25) A close third and a powerful score.
27th May 1999dandalong865 1059 Well done - the 11th person to achieve the original ultimate challenge.
26th May 1999Janne379 915(38) Congratulations for making level 80 with a good level 79 competition score, well come back score.
26th May 1999seb178 798 seb ensures this number one score with a massive effort - it's in the recorded games archive if you want to admire!
26th May 1999DREAM177 1052(29) Just another 500 points as DREAM looks to take back 2nd ranking.
25th May 1999DREAM12 863(10) I eat my words! This is one of the biggest surprises.
24th/25th May 1999Wil19 1096(5)/1100(2) The fight is on <grin>
24th May 1999DREAM19 1093(3) DREAM takes back level 9, but level 0 needs work and level 2 and 4 seem just out of reach.
23rd May 1999DREAM2,415,78647(26),556 Close to taking Janne out with an impressive score on level 15. DREAM also takes on the level 78 challenge getting within 10 points of dandalong!
21st May 1999Wil14,9 855(31),1092(5) Wahooohoohooo... today's beginning to become a pretty good day. Now this IS optimal! Also I'll make the bold statement that 862 is optimal on level 2. Hmmm, but how does DREAM get 1090 on level 9 with only 3 time left. Maybe more score is possbile...
21st May 1999Wil10 1273(2) Finally I manage to get back this opening number one score. It only took about 12 hours of playing this one level over several days. Time to play level 78....
21st May 1999seb178 754(1) seb hammers the number one score with a HUGE score and claims that 800 is possible!
21st May 1999DREAM114 892(33) DREAMs back with another number one.
20th May 1999ari15 942(31) Brilliant high score for a classy level. ari's 20th number one score. Wil has 24 and falling, oh, and one on a ticket.
19th May 1999ari16,10 760(20),709(22) How the hell did you get 709 on level 10. The K Man will be pissed off!
18th May 1999Vault Dwel231 1128 Vault Dwellers push the bounds in teamwork mode on this chaotic level. Phil also resecured number 1 on level 33. (Vault Dwel) is Phil and Wil.
17th/19th May 1999seb7,211 735(13),796(13) seb tries his luck and is rewarded. Well, he's done it again!
17th May 1999Ghost369 964(34) She's looking good!
17th May 1999ari122,40,56 997(20),541(29),866(29) Don't hold your breath, ari's in business.
17th May 1999Cazpurrrr944 632(2) Just another massive score.
15th May 1999ari222 996(20) Ouhh.. that's pretty impressive. I don't think 1000 is possible but it's a nice thought.
15th May 1999DREAM136 1017(27) ... only to be taken by DREAM.
14th May 1999ari126 1014(26) Ari claims another number one score ...
14th May 1999ari160 667(30) Another number one stolen from seb and Steffest.
13th May 1999DREAM176 881(36) DREAM looks to regain #2 ranking from ari.
12th May 1999DREAM166 722(52) The K Man original #1 looks a little tougher these days.
11th May 1999capuccino338 727(38) Great effort!
11th May 1999DREAM19 1090(3) DREAMs in business for the number one ranking!
11th May 1999dandalong39 1084(2) dandalong is getting pretty serious. This day he obtained 7 top 10 scores.
11th May 1999seb227 649(18) The full high scores show the story. Looks like I've played this level quite seriously! - Wil
10th May 1999DREAM10 1197(6) !#?$ I thought this was mine forever. I'll be after this one!
10th May 1999ari130 910(20) The "full" high scores tell the story.
9th May 1999DREAM146 796(63) DREAM's number one tally reaches 12, one behind ari and two behind Steffest.
8th May 1999ari480 1018(71)


. Not only the FIFTH person to complete the game, but a huge score!
8th May 1999ari176 873(36) Not ari's biggest achievment for the day.
8th May 1999DREAM136 1014(26) DREAM moves through the rankings taking asarkila and Steffest and looking towards ari and Wil.
8th May 1999DREAMs311 1250(15) Great score, but The K Man hangs on.
7th May 1999DREAM329 1775(28) Mammoth score. By the time left I guess you ran out of rocks/potential! 2000 is the challenge.
6th May 1999ari143 908(38) Just another number one in the scheme of things.
5th May 1999ari214 891(33) Close!
2nd May 1999Cazpurrrr561 684(12) Great score, but not quite perfect.
1st May 1999DREAM565 1142 DREAM completes the traditional ultimate bd4 challange, although I think he's a little more concerned about his ranking improvement at the moment.
28th Apr 1999DREAM168,69 780(35),966(35) I believe 780 is optimal but am very curious about the 'three' methods which have obtained this score. As for level 69 I'm damned if I know how you get such scores on this level!
27th Apr 1999DREAM119,47 918(41),1240(19) Two more number one scores, clearly beating second place on both occasions.
26th Apr 1999dandalong10-10586 dandalong becomes the 10th ranked player.
26th Apr 1999ari149816(45) I guess you must just run this level!?#%#!?
26th Apr 1999Janne217881(2) Well done. You used all the rocks! Now it's just a matter of time!
26th Apr 1999dandalong14854(31) dandalong's first real number one score. Well done. Wil has 27, Steffest 16, ari 15, DREAM 9, asarkila 4, seb 4, Janne 2, dandalong 2 and singles are with The K Man, durand, JohnS, Ghost and Phil.
25th Apr 1999ari162,69,79 996(38),965(35),915(51) Just another three number one scores for the day! seb and ari seems to be taking each other out. Maybe I will be safe after all!
25th Apr 1999ari142991(28) The K Man drops from 1 to 4, quite quickly I might add!
25th Apr 1999ari135763(27) There goes one of my UK number ones.
24th Apr 1999DREAM128972(30) DREAM captures another number one.
22nd/23rd Apr 1999seb3/273891/1131 Not good enough to beat durand, but classy none the less. Well, the next day it was!
22nd Apr 1999DREAM323711(0) With this score and general all round performance after relatively little experience with BD4 (levels) I'm beginning to thing DREAM is a potential for number one ranking! I guess he should be trying to beat me whereever possible.
21st Apr 1999DREAM176872(35) That's damn fast! Back to number 5 in the rankings.
21st Apr 1999Janne317870(1) You missed a cookie! Great score though.
21st Apr 1999DREAM224376(35) Pretty good.
19th Apr 1999seb170767(0) There goes another number 1 score as seb regains 5th ranking!
17th Apr 1999DREAM2131739(24) The competition on level 13 intensifies.
15th Apr 1999DREAM152593(24) Sorry Phil, but that game I saw you lose a tick of two and just fail to get 25 time has finally cost you this number 1 position. If only you hadn't fumbled this would still be yours!
15th Apr 1999Janne115648(34) That's a damn good score.
14th Apr 1999Janne161708(44) That's damn fast! This score looks like it's staying number 1 for a while!
13th Apr 1999DREAM137,48786(19), 779(31) Wow! Level 37 was a pretty tough one to beat, well I thought so anyway.
12th Apr 1999DREAM14854(31) DREAM's real debut number 1 score.
12th Apr 1999cusack520455(30) Good stuff!
31st Mar 1999bosna--- Well done to bosna for sending me some Linux sound source code to help push start sound for the Linux version. Also for getting to level 72 in just 613 games!
6th Apr 1999DREAM10-10594 Massive congratulations to DREAM for becoming one of the top 10 ranked players.
6th Apr 1999Janne161708(30) Absolutely kick arse score by Janne. A worthy debut number one!
6th Apr 1999bosna-80- Congratulation to bosna for getting to level 80 is a record 772 games!
5th Apr 1999seb160667(30) Slowly but surely seb heads for world domination!
1st Apr 1999DREAM612625(28) Good score this one!
31st Mar 1999seb155951(66) Making it 5 number 1 scores! Also 2nd place on level 54 (1010) and a little bad luck.
31st Mar 1999Janne227641(17) Good stuff.
26th Mar 1999seb255938(69) seb highlights the ease of getting number 2 on level 55 - now who's gonna beat him <grin>
26th Mar 1999dandalong2131660(24) ... and to an acquaintance of DREAM for taking on the challenge.
25th Mar 1999seb149816(45) seb closes in on The K Man.
24th Mar 1999DREAM3131640(24) Well done DREAM for breaking the trend.
22nd Mar 1999seb166713(50) seb bridges the gap to The K Man by over 1200 points on one level!
20th Mar 1999durand168780(35) Well done. I'll call that the optimal score until someone proves otherwise!
19th Mar 1999ClaireNWil4651008(38) ClaireNWil achieve the ultimate challange score on level 65, a slightly easier task with two players but still satisfying.
18th Mar 1999ari166702(55) No comment.
17th Mar 1999Ghost171789(38) Ghost joins Phil, The K Man and durand with 2 high scores. seb has 3, asarkila 5, ari 11, Steffest 19 and Wil 33 (and falling). Oh JohnS has 1 and so does snork and Vault Dwel in teamwork. Let's ignore level 64 shall we.
17th Mar 1999seb168779(34) This seems to be a popular level all of a sudden.
17th Mar 1999seb119915(40) Just 20 minutes into the day and we've got a number one score already! Watch out The K Man.
16th Mar 1999ari2-40040 Ari becomes the number 2 ranked player in the world.
16th Mar 1999Wil1231012 And my hands are still trembling! Finally 1000 points. Check the recording - I was going for it and paused, looked up to see 'Score:0999' and 'Time: 01'.... luckily there was about half a time left.
15th Mar 1999cusack661622(15) Great score. Seems cusack's pushing for a place in the top 10!
14th Mar 1999Ghost169961(34) Congratulations go to Ghost for her first number 1 score! An on the day she had two :-)
14th Mar 1999DREAM520452(36) Another player to watch out for!
13th Mar 1999durand2291816 Close, close, now even closer!
10th Mar 1999---3927 The BD4 server recorded a record number of games log for this day. With some games played offline still to be added we may yet make 4000 games for this day!
10th Mar 1999ari151727(33) Hey, I was proud of that score. Looks like I'll have to rethink my method.
10th Mar 1999Ghost268778(34) I'd be thinking there are quite a few methods getting this same score.
10th Mar 1999Wil123967 That 1000 point challange is getting closer! Pity I hadn't exited since I was right there when I ran out of time.
10th Mar 1999Janne25905(28) Well done. A quality score.
9th Mar 1999ari174,76,77 855(40),861(34),1051(29) Massive destruction in the 70s as ari takes out three number 1 scores in a day.
9th Mar 1999durand2291741 My challange is to get 2000. Maybe I won't be the first to get there after all!
8th Mar 1999Steffest9 651013(30) Steffest completes the ULTIMATE challenge.
8th Mar 1999Steffest2 -41193 Steffest moves above asarkila, into the number 2 ranked player in the world. The question is will he go all the way?
8th Mar 1999Steffest1 16,36837,1013 Another two number 1 scores!
8th Mar 1999ari251700(29) Speed kills <grin>. Well done!
8th Mar 1999ari2541009(12) If you beat me there it's yours! That score took me one weekend of 6500 very fast games. No wonder my games played is so high!
7th Mar 1999ari262994(37) Just a tad too slow.
6th Mar 1999ari134685(37) Maybe this score is optimal? It would be interesting to see if (on such a complex level) all methods are the same!
6th Mar 1999ari171783(37) Taken from Wil.
4th Mar 1999seb142991(28) Congratulation to seb for completing his personal challenge which was to get 15000 ranking points within 3000 games. It's been looking pretty grim with only 10 or 20 games left, but he managed to do it, now sitting on 15265 ranking points after exactly 3000 games.
4th Mar 1999Vault Dwel1231050 Watch out PKWA, just 80 scores to go!
4th Mar 1999Steffest1771051(29) Well that didn't last long. (level 77)
4th Mar 1999ari1771049(28) Seems ari's taking on the mighty Steffest.
4th Mar 1999Steffest156,63 865(29),987(25) The art of equaling high scores!
4th Mar 1999seb212712 Clearly second.
3rd Mar 1999durand2291510 And with rocks to spare!
3rd Mar 1999Steffest130910(20) Taken back of ari.
3rd Mar 1999Steffest174855(40) And one of my scores to go with it.
3rd Mar 1999Steffest175991(24) Just in case ari thought he was on a free ride to number 3, think again!
2nd Mar 1999Steffest1771049(28) Steffest's back. And unfortunately he takes "cookaes' last numebr 1 (and the last number one held by one of the gang from 1997 :-[ ).
1st Mar 1999JohnS312645(6) Two gems of second.
28th Feb 1999seb323696 The competitions getting tougher.
27th Feb 1999Ghost4651213 Bigger and better.
26th Feb 1999ari244756(5) Fantastic score.
26th Feb 1999ari175991(24) But did he use the tube?
26th Feb 1999ari145696(45) It was fun while he was taking other people's score!
25th Feb 1999ari130904(30) ari closes in on Steffest.
24th Feb 1999johnS1501174(14) Concisely put, I claim my cigar. - JohnS
24th Feb 1999ari1471222(18) ari takes on The K Man's challenge. Number 2 on level 9 too.
23rd Feb 1999seb2651445 Hug, huge score. Number 2 in the full high scores!
22nd Feb 1999The K Man1471213(18) Looks like ari has a battle to win here. The K Man holds onto FIVE number 1 scores!
22nd Feb 1999The K Man110707 Doh, I lose another number 1 score.
22nd Feb 1999durand223784 Brilliant.
21st Feb 1999cusack301024(12) Great score and another completed challenge.
20th Feb 1999durand162995(38) .
20th Feb 1999durand142991(28) The battle continues!
19th Feb 1999JohnS2501146(18) Close, but no cigar.
19th Feb 1999durand149816(45) You've got me stumpted with this level.
18th Feb 1999seb142990(27) Welcome seb to the players with number 1 scores.
18th Feb 1999Janne212652 Slime, or no slime, that is the question.
18th Feb 1999seb2391482(1) seb is a guy who doesn't believe in failure :-)
17th Feb 1999The K Man211251(15) Close! And I'm glad, I'd have to go back to Austria to beat that one!
17th Feb 1999Ghost2291459(3) Kick arse score on level 44 today too!
17th Feb 1999ari1471172(17) Maybe.
17th Feb 1999ari169961(34) Heading for number 1?
17th Feb 1999ari115644(36) Need I say more.
16th Feb 1999seb278643 F@#king hell (excuse my french). I must say I'm impressed by this one!
16th Feb 1999ari163987(25) Yet another number 1, where will this end?
15th Feb 19996664651119(3) The 8th player to perform the ultimate BD4 challenge (and the 4th this year!).
15th Feb 1999JohnS278466 Pretty good.
14th Feb 1999durand9-11779 Welcome durand to the top 10 ranked players.
14th Feb 1999ari146796(63) Another number 1 score!
14th Feb 1999-11-11558 Pax, former clearly number 2 in the world has dropped out of the top 10 ranked player. Well done to everyone.
13th Feb 1999ari172879(37) Goodbye to another score by Steffest.
13th Feb 1999durand142989(26) durand's second number 1 score. Well done.
12th Feb 1999ari278428 And also with 13 other top 10 scores for the day, including two number 2 scores. Watch out everyone!
12th Feb 1999durand2731123 Beating the old second place by about 500 points!
11th Feb 1999The K Man191089(4) Who's this sneaky guy playing offline?
11th Feb 1999ari222995(20) And ari takes The K Man in the rankings.
10th Feb 1999Janne224365(8) Interesting level.
9th Feb 1999Phil133673(34) Phil gets his second number one score, denting Steffest and asarkila (and me) just that little bit more. Well done Phil. some damn fine scores on the chaotic levels (e.g. 12)
3rd Feb 1999JohnS10-11086 Well done to JohnS for getting into the top 10 ranked players (and with some damn fine scores on the chaotic levels (e.g. 12)
1st Feb 1999durand168779(34) Congratulations, but 780 is possible (cookae, pac, matty, Rich and Wil proved this but noone managed to perform it - I think 780 is 'optimal'.)
1st Feb 1999Wil1732001 Finally broke 2000 points on level 73.
31st Jan 1999seb9-11389 Joined the top 10 ranked players.
31st Jan 1999seb4651080 The ULTIMATE challenge.
31st Jan 1999ari235752(23) Good score.
30th Jan 1999The K Man116835(30) Keith's 4th number 1 score.
30th Jan 1999JohnS191082 Obtained number 1 on level 9.
26th Jan 1999PKWA123(t)1035 Obtained 1000 points on level 23 teamwork. BeOS sound helps for feedback and focus :-)
22nd Jan 1999durand2651177(1) A good way to complete the ULTIMATE challenge.
20th Jan 1999JohnS312s622 Just a good score on a classy level.
19th Jan 1999Janne217866 Well done.
17th Jan 1999snork180t4690 Completed level 80 teamwork.
14th Jan 1999Janne2771047(27) Good effort.
14th Jan 19996663651064(8) The ULTIMATE challenge.
10th Jan 1999Ghost2651138(24) A good way to complete the ULTIMATE challenge, but to be beaten :-)
10th Jan 1999Ghost220s488(37) Brilliant!
6th Jan 1999Wil111847 Was too lucky on level 11 and hammered the top score!
Jan 1999ari5-17616 Entered the top 10 ranked players early this month.
Jan 1999Ghost7-13353 Entered the top 10 ranked players early this month.
Dec 1998cusack191070 Obtained number 1 on level 9 with a new method to make everyone else think again!

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