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BD4 FAQ / intro / compat

Emerald mines compatibility.

Is BD4 compatible with emerald mines?

BD4 is completely compatible with Emerald Mines from the Amiga with the following exceptions:

  • The random number generator is not the same. BD4 uses drand48() with the appropriate probabilities to simulate the random number generator used by Emerald Mines. To get full compatibilty you would need to use the number sequence on the ROM chip containing Kickstart 1.2. This is an unnecessary compatibility.
  • The two player movement may not be 100 percent compatible although it does allow 'bugs' such as two players ending on the same square when one passes through a door at the same time as the other player clears behind the door. This 'feature' occurs on both Emerald Mines and BD4 although extensive compatibility with player interactions has not been tested.

Any differences (e.g. the two above) will not be changed since they affect the consistency of recorded games!