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BD4 FAQ / howto / controls

Game Controls

This section covers basic points, full controls (in a table) and player movement.

Note the following:

  • All game controls are keyboard events. Make sure that the window is selected to ensure all button presses are handled correctly.

  • The game always starts in Pause mode. For the Java version the game will also be automatically paused when the window loses focus or sections are redrawn.

  • Your game will be recorded when escape, or 'q' is pressed.

The game controls are:

pToggle Pause mode.All-
ESCAPERestart, or finish playing current level.All-
qSame as escape, but quits the game.All-
+Moves forward to the next level in you're up to it.Not Java Must be in Pause mode
-Moves back to the previous level.Not Java Must be in Pause mode
hRequests high scores.Not Java Must be in Pause mode
UP/kUp control for player 1.All-
DOWN/jDown control for player 1.All-
LEFT/hLeft control for player 1.All-
RIGHT/lRight control for player 1.All-
EnterFire button for player 1. This is used to grab/flick neighbouring squares or use grenades (see below).All-
n,mAltenative fire buttons for player 1. 'm' will not trigger grenades.X version 4.13+, BeOS version-
a,eUp control for player 2.All-
z,dDown control for player 2.All-
t,sLeft control for player 2.All-
u,fRight control for player 2.All-
spaceFire button for player 2.All-
1Sets the game speed to full speed, showing all frames.Allunpaused.
2Maintains full speed, but only shows 4/8 frames.Allunpaused.
3Maintains full speed, but only shows 3/8 frames.Allunpaused.
4Maintains full speed, but only shows the first and last of 8 frames.Allunpaused.
xToggles sound on and off.BeOSMaybe paused (?)
gGo faster (speeds up game).All-
vVery fast. Watch out!X and partially BeOS.-
9Moves screen horizontally for low screen resolutionsAll-
8Moves screen vertically for low screen resolutionsCan't remember-
oTurns autopausing on/off.Can't remember-
yToggles high score mode from one per person to full high scores. X and BeOS-