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BD4 FAQ / editor / newobjects

New objects ... undocumented

The following might help... well point 3 anyway.

From williams@ee.uwa.edu.au Wed May 26 15:36:59 1999
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 15:36:52 +0800 (WST)
From: "Wil (Paul Williams)" 
To: DreamWeaver 
Cc: "Paul S Williams (Wil)" 
Subject: editor


With recording you can save them as anything, except choosing them under
my crappy iwnodws interface is not easy. For example if you save it as
c:\game.txt then you just write this into the playback box. Windows might
not tell you the full name, for example if you rename it to "foo.rec" it
may actually be called "foo.rec.txt".....


Ummm... there should be a clear and a right mouse drag to fill regions and
other features but there are not. It's simple and will stay that way short

3. The objects:

A. The sources. These look like blue explosions (which is where the ggx
came from). They are coloured (i.e. there are 4 different ones). These
produce things when turned on (see bottom right) at the frequency
(specified as a time) and starting time specified. The switches turn these
on and off.

B. The wizards. These guys (look like owls) act when given a coin (the
yellow sun like blob). They transform all "object 1" into "object 2". For
example all blue gems into green gems. You can define 16 transitions per
level. It may help to play some of the levels I've mae to work this

3. The Ernies. Look like a red/yellow alien. These act like aliens until
they get your "scent" and then they follow (at your speed) the lost quare
you went on. You avoid using rocks, door or whatever.

4. The coward. This is a guy with a red gem strapped to his back. You can
get score for hitting them with a rock which is quite difficult. They run
away from you, trying to stay as far away and diagonal from you if
possible. When hit by a rock it disappears and a red gem is left. You can
'eat' them and they act like red gems, giving 5 gem points. The red gems
turn into 'stationary bombs' when going through a blue wall (so not to
interfere with existing logic.

5. The Portals. There are a few of these... they map one part of the
screen to another and act as teleports. Things need a blank square to go
through, hence if you run down with a rock on your head through a portal
and immediately stop so will the rock :-)

That's all I can say quickly... it gives enough information to get
started. As you can imagine these objects will make for some interesting
levels with lots of hidden tricks and secrets - just think of what we do
with the current objects and with levels designed to be fairly basic!

Oh, the turtles have not been implemented yet. For the record:

6. The turtle. Acts like a running mine/bug by following the wall. At any
one time a turtle will follow either it's left or right side. However it
will not follow the top wall (roof). It will instead fall (or if there's a
ledge immediately below simple change sides of the wall and continue).
When a turtle falls it's still deadly I think... when it lands it becomes
stunned for a short time. During this time you can hit it with a rock, or
alternatively push him around - much like a nut. The turtle will produce
red, blue and green gems (3x3) when killed. If it is ignored it will wake
up and continue moving. If you hit it with a rock while it's moving it
will become stunned and a second rock (quickly enough) will kill it.

That's all!

This is going on the FAQ!