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BD4 FAQ / editor / levels

Level guide

Note: Any levels missing from below are in a mess... etc

300WilPending turtles and testing My first real level using the new objects. Unfortunately there should be a turtle where the "T" letter is, but the code for these was incomplete (last touched nov 1997).
302Wil/bug source: red v green v blueComplete A good chaotic level. I think 2000 is the challenge. I like this one.
304Wil/room hoppingComplete A hard level but not too hard. A real challegene with a few tricks to be discovered.
305Wil/green arenaComplete A good introductory level to the new objects. Fun, easy and greed testing.
306Wil/symmetryComplete Quite a tough level, even tougher to get a good score. Appropriate for the next level set. Has a Wil style like the default levels (probably).
307Steffest/NutCakesUnsure Steffest's first level. I can't remember it, but there are some nice ticks I think. Fairly easy to complete
308Steffest/Down They FallUnsure Can't remember.
310WilTraining A training level to help get a bigger score on level 80. I also told seb and durand about it to make things fair.
313LichTraining Someone wanted to train for level 47.
314Wil/quit while you're aheadComplete/Untested A new level with some interesting tricks. Actually it's nothing special and might need reviewing after more tests.