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BD4 FAQ / aims / scores

Getting better scores

In terms of the global high score, note the following:

  • Each game is independent. You score begins at 0 and is calculated the same regardless of your player details or the game version.
  • All games are logged. Those played online are logged when escape or 'q' is pressed and those offline when the ticket is checked in.
  • If you equal a score, then the exit time is used to decide which score is better. If both are equal the score which is most recent is considered superior. This means that the high score on a level is always beatable but causes some debate, especially on level 64!

To get better scores.... note....

  • Objects you collect are worth points.
  • The time left when you exit the level is worth points (this includes fractions of time). For teamwork the exit time is set when the second player exists.
  • Killing monsters with ROCKS (not bombs) gives you points.
  • All scores is level defineable and scores can be set to zero (on some levels even green gems are worthless).

I'll add more later....