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BD4 Hall of Fame (Tropical)

DatePlayerPositionLevelScore                     Comment                     
16 January 2008Wil165, 711036(14), 1070(9)A new 1000 pointer.
12 January 2008Wil110, 231213, 1522(1)It's gem collecting time!
07 January 2008DREAM191011(23)Just a tick faster.
06 January 2008seb19, 53, 541011(23), 987(16), 1111(1)A tick faster...
02 January 2008seb1581015(19)Tops this *long* level.
31 December 2007seb1511105(1)Seems like a very very good score. There must be a secret.
29 December 2007Wil1181013(29)And slightly faster.
26 December 2007asarkila1181013(29)A number one taken back.
23 December 2007Wil135, 36, 391003(10), 1011(27), 1003(14)Drawing level and moving on. A bogie level sorted!
18 December 2007seb1791070(47)Bloody good score on this level. A quality way to get back number 1 ranking.
15 December 2007seb1431009(27)Ever so close to number one in Tropical.
11 December 2007seb1741016(33)Unbelievable... as the discussion suggests.
10 December 2007Wil1741014(32)A lot more puzzling than it looks!
02 December 2007Wil1331083(2)Nice stuff!
02 December 2007asarkila1221080(25)Just another top score for the number one ranked player.
25 November 2007DREAM2, 350, 491064(23), 1010(18)DREAM skims off some pretty handy points.
18 November 2007Wil115, 19922(12), 1004(18)Takes on the keyboard and wins.
08 July 2007seb1, 228, 221011(23), 1071(24)seb back on top.
08 May 2007seb111012(2)Fantastic work magician! A new method, well done.