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Help for recorded games

This page provides access to recorded games. Note the following:

  • If you are not logged in only a few recordings are available.
  • A help/demo level should be available for the level you are currently up to. If you are logged in and one does not exist make me aware of this and I'll create and add one.
  • If you have recordings you want added mail them to wil@amristar.com.au and they can be added.
  • Recorded games are text files, although can be requested to be downloaded as "bd4" files which have a mime type of "application/x-bd4". You will be able to set your browser up to play these back from the web pages.
  • I will soon provide playback via the Java version within the web page.

If this help is confusing or erroneous mail wilamristar.com.au. Please use your browser navigation or the menu to continue.