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BD4 Realtime Server Status

Server: Server online (bdPing successful).

Server alive. Last restarted: Thu 21 May 2020 at 06:04 GMT

Generated 18 June 2021 : 07:58:39 am GMT

The above heading is now updated when this page loads (realtime). If it reads "Server online" is has successfully connected and talked to the server. This may not mean it will load your player, just that the server is online and functional (when accessed from the machine which the server is running on!) Your player might be explicitly denied, or your machine or subnet (all unlikely) or you might be behind a firewall.

If the status above is incorrect please mail me ASAP. If you have problems logging scores (using the PC version) keep retrying or have a look at this page to see if the server is undergoing changes/maintence.