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Player profile for seb

 Representing France Type: Single Player Email: drsebfree.fr
  Comment: Call me Mister Chaos :)

Score Profile

Level SetRankPlayedWonLevelPlayer ScoreTotal ScoreLast Played
Homelands3 (47997.8800) [profile] 183041413803531961419619622/04/2020 at 14:34
Tropical3 (58212.5200) [profile] 94491184801715024243989506/01/2008 at 18:46
Reef3 (49069.0000) [profile] 12662498034461144713121/01/2008 at 20:18
Jungle3 (27670.0000) [profile] 3396724636387946440915/08/2007 at 19:33
Fruity2 (56283.0000) [profile] 64012198086388895243308/01/2008 at 22:29

Hall of fame

Level setDatePlayerPositionLevelScore                     Comment                     
Fruity08 January 2008seb1281032(10)One out of the blue for the little master.
Tropical06 January 2008seb19, 53, 541011(23), 987(16), 1111(1)A tick faster...
Tropical02 January 2008seb1581015(19)Tops this *long* level.
Tropical31 December 2007seb1511105(1)Seems like a very very good score. There must be a secret.
Fruity29 December 2007seb1541133(20)Seb answers.
Tropical18 December 2007seb1791070(47)Bloody good score on this level. A quality way to get back number 1 ranking.
Tropical15 December 2007seb1431009(27)Ever so close to number one in Tropical.
Reef15 December 2007seb1571029(5)Quality.
Reef14 December 2007seb1291014(7)Beats Wil to it... so is Wil's method faster?
Tropical11 December 2007seb1741016(33)Unbelievable... as the discussion suggests.
Reef08 December 2007seb1561286(27)seb takes number 2 ranking.
Reef19 November 2007seb1151041(37)seb strikes.
Reef18 November 2007seb1361027(94)Happy times.
Reef17 November 2007seb2, 2, 125, 27, 291167(52), 1009(29), 1011(7)A new number one with a couple of other high pointers.
Fruity13 November 2007seb221462Nice work.
Reef16 August 2007seb18967(39)A clear number one in search of a new 1000 pointer.
Jungle12 August 2007seb119906(2)Coaxing one back.
Homelands21 July 2007seb1541016(12)No way! I played this level over 8000 games one weekend for an unbeatable score. That score is now 4th!
Reef14 July 2007seb1, 5, 1, 1, 7, 1, 1, 123, 27, 31, 35, 33, 34, 41, 421018(41), 824, 1012(17), 1010(65), 779(26), 1157(30), 1138(17), 1327Waltzing up the rankings!
Reef10 July 2007seb1491101(17)A Fruitful day of wacking.
Tropical08 July 2007seb1, 228, 221011(23), 1071(24)seb back on top.
Jungle08 July 2007seb171452(47)seb steals one back.
Homelands06 July 2007seb238, 40727(38), 544(30)Handing Wil a gift... the number one position!
Homelands30 June 2007seb142994(31)... but not for long.
Reef08 May 2007seb1771063(40)Just another walk in the park.
Tropical08 May 2007seb111012(2)Fantastic work magician! A new method, well done.
Reef25 February 2006seb165, 67, 39, 791001(68), 1083(51), 1106, 1134(3)Seb says hi.
Tropical31 January 2006seb123, 28, 291519(1), 1009(23), 976(50)Solid. Now clearly number one ranked in the tropics.
Tropical30 January 2006seb1331064(7)Seb takes it back - not dropping gem? Wow!
Tropical29 January 2006seb141, 68, 33, 65, 631054(15), 1076(13), 1020(11), 909(46), 887(5)Five number one high scores to securely hold number one ranking.
Tropical22 January 2006seb6, 1, 5, 1, 21, 16, 39, 67, 17867(3), 1148(30), 957(12), 1485(60), 1012(16)seb takes the number one ranking.
Fruity22 January 2006seb179, 801081(13), 1044Two clear number ones, two 1000 pointers and the third player to complete Fruity.
Tropical21 January 2006seb1, 233, 591018(15), 1040Moving towards 150 thousand pointers.
Tropical15 January 2006seb110, 191182(12), 1004(18)seb fights on... as the battle intensifies!
Tropical03 January 2006seb111, 49, 541038(28), 1018(18), 1021(1)A nice score on the eye!
Tropical02 January 2006seb1, 3, 130, 37, 441041(1), 1000(15), 995(20)A new number one ranked player for the new year.
Fruity31 December 2005seb151, 521448, 1289(102)Two clear number ones as seb closes in on ... umm ... number two ranking.
Fruity26 December 2005seb1441250Solid
Fruity22 December 2005seb114, 91140(1), 1121Knocking through more 1000 pointers with clear number ones. 5th to 2nd ranking won't take long now :)
Fruity19 December 2005seb1741527Hey, let's start with the easy levels! Brilliant score - and as is often the case a seb number one that looks very hard to beat.
Fruity17 December 2005seb1161187(27)A ticket number one and just before it got interesting. Within a day asarkila's number one has become a number 4. An interesting level too.
Tropical17 December 2005seb101010(3)seb gets closer.
Homelands09 December 2005seb3281000(32)And again, seb has all the current 1000 pointers in Homelands.
Jungle03 December 2005seb142, 431090, 1189(1)Two of the hardest levels out there... passed. And now 3rd in the combined rankings from just 4 level sets.
Jungle01 December 2005seb3, 5, 139, 40, 411273, 676(87), 1157(94)Not just content with level progression... heading back for higher scores!
Jungle30 November 2005seb3381132(110)Moving along.... seb heads towards a very tough string of levels.
Tropical27 November 2005seb1, 3, 1, 140, 66, 46, 381019(19), 994(10), 1058(42), 1166(3)seb moves back to number one! And very very close to DREAM in the combined rankings.
Tropical21 November 2005seb1481015(16)Well there you go. It could be time for a christmas romp!
Jungle27 July 2005seb133, 35, 371117(38), 869(15), 1089(57)seb moves to clear number two with blistering level progression.
Jungle25 July 2005seb128, 29, 311127(1), 1826(37), 1194(40)Flying through Jungle with clear number one scores. Now this looks exciting!
Homelands24 July 2005seb16, 7762(20), 853(32)Good enough the claim back number one ranking!
Jungle20 July 2005seb1261053(39)A brand new 1000 pointer. Outstanding!
Tropical19 July 2005seb1701041(22)... but not for long.
Jungle18 July 2005seb1241129(76)Breaking through and making progression in Jungle... with a number one no less!
Tropical18 July 2005seb1361011(27)Game on!
Tropical14 July 2005seb1, 279, 721023(44), 1030(44)Moving into number one ranking.
Tropical08 July 2005seb2, 2, 118, 21, 361005(29), 1039(43), 1006(27)seb moves towards number one and opens the can of worms!
Homelands05 July 2005seb148782(31)Another new "optimal" score. Arghh!
Homelands08 June 2005seb248781(31)Hehe, close.
Homelands05 June 2005seb1471345(21)Another clear number one.
Homelands04 June 2005seb163995(25)Setting new ground. I'm in awe of this one.
Homelands02 June 2005seb140, 62543(29), 1006(40)One taken back... and a new one.
Homelands26 May 2005seb111302(20)Fantastic level. Well done.
Homelands25 May 2005seb1751010(25)How can anyone dodge yams that quickly!
Homelands23 May 2005seb121924(24)Ouch.
Homelands19 May 2005seb116838(31)Some more dice rolling.
Tropical18 May 2005seb144992(20)There you go!
Homelands18 May 2005seb151021(37)After struggling to get 1000 on this level seb comes up with this!
Homelands17 May 2005seb110, 55711(23), 1007(69)You crazy bastard!
Homelands12 May 2005seb149817(45)One more down.
Homelands11 May 2005seb153638(20)seb takes yet another number one, ensuring a clear number one ranking.
Homelands09 May 2005seb169973(36)Stealthfully taken back offline!
Homelands07 May 2005seb1, 377, 51056(31), 1009(37)(Read backwards). Seems neither Wil nor asarkila had this one. And congratulations for having all the 1000 pointers in Homelands.
Jungle06 May 2005seb2, 1, 4, 3, 310, 6, 5, 4, 31366, 1246, 1072, 829(4), 1028Going back for some more high scores. This is getting serious!
Homelands05 May 2005seb177, 761056(31), 908(38)Two number ones when played. Number three on level 77 once checked in!
Jungle05 May 2005seb2, 1, 1, 219, 20, 21, 22817(36), 1043(5), 1188(1), 885Some pretty mean level progression, taking two number one scores and a new 1000 pointer!
Homelands04 May 2005seb119920(41)Pipping asarkila again.
Homelands02 May 2005seb131439(43)Apparently this is optimal. seb stretches the lead.
Jungle27 April 2005seb216861(14)Moving nicely along.
Homelands26 April 2005seb5, 2, 459, 60, 76668(55), 669(31), 894(37)Rounding off the profile.
Homelands24 April 2005seb3, 2, 4, 1, 280, 17, 21, 6, 271158, 889(10), 922(24), 762(20), 701(23)Congratulations. In spectacular form seb claims the overall number one ranking in Homelands and opens up a level set once thought to have been 'solved'.
Homelands23 April 2005seb158769(15)Paving the way with a clear number one.
Homelands16 April 2005seb6, 1, 10, 1, 1, 1, 5, 4, 115, 4, 3, 70, 7, 10, 8, 9, 15962(32), 855(31), 787(12), 1316, 852(32), 710(23), 970(19), 1171(3), 640(35)An absolutely MAMMOTH score on level 70. And three clear number ones! Is this the revenge for that level 80 competition we had back with Sophie (durand) in 1998? seb's now ranked 4th but the top three should start to worry!
Homelands14 April 2005seb1, 2, 7, 541, 75, 43, 46961(37), 1008(25), 909(38), 797(64)More scores taken with ari 8000 points ahead and in sight.
Homelands12 April 2005seb116837(31)Another clear number one as seb narrows the 15000 ranking point gap to 4th place.
Homelands09 April 2005seb1, 1, 1, 46, 48, 68, 54762(20), 781(31), 781(35), 1012(12)Wow! Some serious scores here with numerous clear number ones.
Tropical07 April 2005seb6, 6, 5, 131, 39, 41, 43924, 954(11), 956(12), 1008(26)Congratulations. One ticket to rule them all. Seb flies to number one ranking in Tropical.
Tropical06 April 2005seb1, 1, 1, 1, 4, 1, 1, 129, 56, 61, 64, 68, 74, 57, 14973(50), 1021(50), 1002(36), 1013(39), 1013(12), 1008(32), 1013(16), 1000(31)Scores galore!
Tropical01 April 2005seb13, 51061(1), 1014(36)Sneaky... who's been playing offline?
Tropical31 March 2005seb1121005(19)Wow! What a monster score. A brillant puzzle solved.
Tropical28 March 2005seb1, 1, 4, 1, 117, 7, 14, 16, 231010(16), 1619(1), 948(26), 1101(25), 1480(1)Well done ... and everyone be scared. These are points that will be hard to take back. There's none of this get a few quickes to inflate your ranking.
Tropical15 March 2005seb2131010(2)A great score and oh so close.
Tropical04 March 2005seb1351003(10)Another 1000 pointer.
Tropical02 March 2005seb140923(8)Step by step the number ones fall.
Tropical12 February 2005seb152, 67, 551028(53), 1187(63), 1009(25)Hmmm. Clear, quality number ones scores. Not only building ranking points but also getting points that will last. Sneaky!
Tropical07 February 2005seb9521008(52)Moves up to 6th.
Tropical29 January 2005seb2, 1, 3, 2, 248, 26, 50, 2, 121011(16), 1002(24), 1018(25), 986(12), 995(18)Another explosive day.
Tropical16 January 2005seb1, 9, 19, 7, 171007(23), 1261(1), 1006(16)Up to 7th in the rankings.
Tropical15 January 2005seb18, 19999(19), 1003(18)Two more clear number ones.... and another 999.
Tropical13 January 2005seb1, 3, 86, 12, 24999(15), 986(18), 1004(29)A nice set.
Tropical10 January 2005seb1601001(12)The fastest yet.
Fruity07 July 2004seb2631093A big 1000 pointer on a very tough level. Hard core.
Fruity17 June 2004seb1552176(7)Beats Wil for the hell of it. How rude!
Fruity09 June 2004seb3, 276, 781351, 995One success, one just short, as seb flies to 4th in the rankings.
Fruity08 June 2004seb1552041Why stop at one? The first 2000 pointer of this level set byt the master of choas.
Fruity03 June 2004seb2501047(2)Joining in with a 1000 pointer.
Fruity23 May 2004seb1481302(1)A big number one!
Fruity13 May 2004seb469723Seb starts digging into the top scores.
Fruity24 March 2004seb2721001(4)Another one. Maybe there are more to come as seb moved into 6th spot.
Fruity22 March 2004seb2621031(9)seb's first 1000 pointer on this level set.
Jungle07 March 2004seb3131088Arghhh! seb returns.
Homelands15 July 2000seb144880(33)The chaos killer clearly slashes another level down.
Homelands12 July 2000seb1231425Possibly Wil\'s favourite level and an absolute classic heads to France for what looks like an eternity. Maybe one day someone else will beat this.
Homelands28 March 2000seb116837(31)seb takes an unconventioned one for him. He equals the pack.
Homelands18 February 2000seb1781078(0)An absolutely massive score. And I though 700 was good!
Homelands09 February 2000seb1551000(67)A round score to match the number of ranking points achieved by it. That's goota be some fine grenade work there!
Homelands01 December 1999seb1292413(1)Huge score. Possibly the biggest in single player ever.
Homelands03 October 1999seb1651623


The number one score on the ultimate level. Well done.
Homelands03 October 1999seb1621004(39)You must be able to see those walls!
Homelands03 October 1999seb1391805He's a freak!
Homelands24 September 1999seb1231161Seb sets the challenge. Well, sets it higher!
Homelands23 September 1999seb1621004(39)Huge score, but how long will it last?
Homelands16 September 1999seb1789511000 is possible, but any score over 900 is inhuman! I stand in awe, unable to get anywhere near this score.
Homelands21 August 1999seb178942BIG Big big score. Any chance of a recording to scare the masses?
Homelands09 August 1999seb119918(41)There's that extra point which eludes me.
Homelands03 August 1999seb1292279Massive score. In fact the highest score for any singles level.
Homelands29 July 1999seb170985(9)That's a serious score. seb looks good enough to hold the number one ranking, but he has DREAM and Wil to keep him out for the moment.
Homelands28 July 1999seb120545(17)Arghhh! Same score as me, but with more time!
Homelands22 July 1999seb1231100Congratulations Number one on my favourite level. Doh.
Homelands17 July 1999seb244796Shit, that's good. King of chaos continues on his merry way to and perhaps past 3rd position in the rankings.
Homelands21 June 1999seb223965Massive score. 1000 is the ultimate challenge on this level. It looks like seb will get there quicker than I did.
Homelands20 June 1999seb139, 531615, 611(19)DREAM and Wil should be worried. Really worried!
Homelands18 June 1999seb2, 126, 501030(26), 1217(19)JohnS won't be happy about that.
Homelands15 June 1999seb2, 167, 76575(59), 883(36)Faster, but that's not the point (level 67).
Homelands14 June 1999seb163, 75989(25), 991(24)Seems seb has his sights set on that number one position. I'm glad a few people have been fighting amongst themselves!
Homelands10 June 1999seb142, 48, 66, 68991(28), 780(31), 729(55), 781(35)[level 42] Daniel and Pax thought 22/23 time was good, 24 was possible and I thought 25 or perhaps 26.... no one mentioned 28 time! The K Man won't be happy with level 66!
Homelands04 June 1999seb162, 68996(38), 780(35)Seeing in the dark elevates seb above asarkila to number 5 ranked player in the world. Also, an 'pre-optimal' score on level 68.
Homelands03 June 1999seb160667(30)Well done.
Homelands01 June 1999seb141961(37)A token number one.
Homelands31 May 1999seb178861(1)seb goes insane with level 78. As he put it, I'm almost jumping on my chair with a stupid smile :) Can't believe I'm still alive after this completely CRAZY game... and he hopes this will last for centuries but I'm not convinced yet! Intentions have also been made for level 37 - watch out everyone!
Homelands26 May 1999seb178798seb ensures this number one score with a massive effort - it's in the recorded games archive if you want to admire!
Homelands21 May 1999seb178754(1)seb hammers the number one score with a HUGE score and claims that 800 is possible!
Homelands19 May 1999seb211796(13)Well, he's done it again!
Homelands17 May 1999seb711735(13)seb tries his luck and is rewarded.
Homelands11 May 1999seb227649(18)The full high scores show the story. Looks like I've played this level quite seriously! - Wil
Homelands23 April 1999seb3731131Not good enough to beat durand, but classy none the less. Well, the next day it was!
Homelands22 April 1999seb373891Not good enough to beat durand, but classy none the less. Well, the next day it was!
Homelands19 April 1999seb170767(0)There goes another number 1 score as seb regains 5th ranking!
Homelands05 April 1999seb160667(30)Slowly but surely seb heads for world domination!
Homelands31 March 1999seb155951(66)Making it 5 number 1 scores! Also 2nd place on level 54 (1010) and a little bad luck.
Homelands26 March 1999seb255938(69)seb highlights the ease of getting number 2 on level 55 - now who's gonna beat him <grin>
Homelands25 March 1999seb149816(45)seb closes in on The K Man.
Homelands22 March 1999seb166713(50)seb bridges the gap to The K Man by over 1200 points on one level!
Homelands17 March 1999seb168779(34)This seems to be a popular level all of a sudden.
Homelands17 March 1999seb119915(40)Just 20 minutes into the day and we've got a number one score already! Watch out The K Man.
Homelands04 March 1999seb212712Clearly second.
Homelands04 March 1999seb142991(28)Congratulation to seb for completing his personal challenge which was to get 15000 ranking points within 3000 games. It's been looking pretty grim with only 10 or 20 games left, but he managed to do it, now sitting on 15265 ranking points after exactly 3000 games.
Homelands28 February 1999seb323696The competitions getting tougher.
Homelands23 February 1999seb2651445Hug, huge score. Number 2 in the full high scores!
Homelands18 February 1999seb2391482(1)seb is a guy who doesn't believe in failure :-)
Homelands18 February 1999seb142990(27)Welcome seb to the players with number 1 scores.
Homelands16 February 1999seb278643F@#king hell (excuse my french). I must say I'm impressed by this one!
Homelands31 January 1999seb9-11389Joined the top 10 ranked players.
Homelands31 January 1999seb4651080The ULTIMATE challenge.