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Help for bd4 site map

bd4 web page links. provides a comprehensive list of available web pages within this site.

The column represent the following:

  • Name and link: Provides the name of the page function that is included in the url (the 'a=name' part) along with a link to 'an example ' page. Since pages often require a player, level set or other paramaters the page from this link will typically not be complete nor show all of its functionality.
  • Description: Basic page description (which may be similar to the start of the specific page help).
  • Help: A link to the help for this page along with a status to indicate how complete it is. All pages on the system have a help mode (available from the link in the top left).
  • Status: The status of the page, typically 'Available' or 'Development'. Further details will be included in the specific page's help or a forum message.
  • Modified: The date the page was last modified (typically in terms of functionality).
  • Updated: The date the information on this page was last updated.
  • Page date: The date the underlying file/script was updated (live from the file obviously).

If this help is confusing or erroneous mail wilamristar.com.au. Please use your browser navigation or the menu to continue.