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Help for recorded game upload

This page allows bd4 players to upload and manage their recorded games. Users can upload games and see what games they have uploaded. Links will then help navigate and find out what game is associated with their uploads. This page should be used ONLY as a management of uploaded games and not for playing them back. To play back games use the level pages or other player pages.

To upload games select either bd4 recorded games (.bd4 files that are not tickets or scripts) or a zip file containing these and upload it. Once uploaded the file will appear in the list along with a processing status. An attempt is then made to work out what game the recording was for (a matching process). This will be done when the server is idle and feels like it. The maching process may or may not work.

All successfully uploaded recorded games will be given an ID, namely a game ID. For successful matches the game ID will be positive and match an original game logged to the server. For unmatches games a negative ID will be returned. In the game was not deemded valid or another user had already uploaded that game 0 will be assigned.

Any non-zero game ID may be used to play back a recorded game through the web site. Games may be assigned access types. Currently all new recorded games are assigned the type Personal for personal use only. To play back a Personal game it must either have been uploaded by you or be deemed to match a game played by you. This match will only occur based on file name or uploading user.

In the future games will be able to be made Public for all players who are up to the level, and possibly even given a password. Other features will be based on requests made in the forums.

Heavily in development (July 2004).

If this help is confusing or erroneous mail wilamristar.com.au. Please use your browser navigation or the menu to continue.