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Help for level set overview

BD4 is made up of several levelsets each consisting of 102 level, from level 0 to level 80 for both single player and teamwork (two players). Every four levels there are custom singles and teamwork levels.

Each levelset has its own high scores and player rankings. Each player who plays a level set has their own player statistics and profile (available from your bd4 home page and profile page, available at any time from the 'Player' menu, listed as 'My Home' and 'My Profile'). Players must be registered and logged in for these links to be available. Since you are not currently logged in these pages are not avaiable to you. You can also view other players home and profile pages through the 'Global Players' menu link.

Each page is customised for a particular level set. To change level set for a particular page you can usually use the links at the top of the page. This will typically produce the same page with respect to the other level set.

If the levelset links do not appear at the top of the page you will need to change the page layout using the 'Layout' items from the 'Tools' section of the menus. This will allow the level set links to be removed, displayed as text or displayed as images.

Levelsets will be released and completed as necessary. As of late 2004 of the core level sets Reef and Mountains were not released and Jungle only consists of 52 levels.

If this help is confusing or erroneous mail wilamristar.com.au. Please use your browser navigation or the menu to continue.